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Iran Declared War on the US

November 30, 2006

President Ahmedinejad’s letter to the president of the United States, and today’s letter to the American people is a declaration of war. It is done according to Islamic law, wherein Mohammed tells Muslims to invite your enemies to convert to Islam before you slaughter them and steal their property, wives and children.

Now that Iran has declared war on us, can we invade Tehran? Can we drop bombs on their nuclear facilities? Can we hunt down and kill every one of the Mullahs and allow the Iranian revolution to proceed past the 7th century and into the modern era?

Or will we cower in fear from a 3rd world country that barely has enough resources to build a nuclear bomb, despite its massive oil revenues. Or will we wait and give time to the regime to finish its nuclear ambitions while they send more bombers and bombs to kill our young soldiers in Iraq. Or will we retreat from the War on Terror, inviting them to come to the US and kill us at home?

I vote for us to finish this war that we did not start. I vote that we dedicate the full might of the US military to take out President Ahmedinejad, the Mullahs, and every other leader in Iran who does not support American interests 100%. I vote we fight now while it is easy to win, rather than wait until we have to face a madman with a nuclear bomb.

We Should Want to Win

November 30, 2006

I attended a fairly calm all-hands meeting today with the leader of our org. Among his messages, the one that I picked up on is that we want to win.

As a nation and people, we should want to win as well! Winning in the business world means getting to enjoy a monopoly status where you can rake in the bucks and not worry so much about the competition anymore. Winning in the geo-political sense means setting yourselves up so that you don’t have to worry about losing any wars or losing your economic prosperity.

The great discovery that Adam Smith made in the 1700’s is that we win when we have real freedom. When we are free to buy and sell and set prices, we win as well as our competitors. In the geo-political world, we win when the world allows others to govern themselves. This is why it is so important to defeat radical Islam, nay, Islamofascism. The center of the Islamofascists is that people should not be free but should be subject to the interpretation of a long-dead prophet by a few self-proclaimed scholars. We must defeat this idea, and we must do so as swiftly as possible. We must defeat this ideology and send it to the dustbin of history just like we have sent the ideology of kings, Nazis, and Communists, as well as slavery and oppression.

We must win, and make sure they lose. There is no other way to secure our future!

Education: Communism or Capitalism?

November 28, 2006

My big discovery is that our education system took a hard turn to communism after Sputnik in 1957. We have been experimenting with socialism and communism in education ever since.

Note that the communist education system we adopted didn’t put man on the moon. Our capitalist, free education system produced those engineers.

The question about education that everyone has to answer: Shall we choose communism and certain failure, or shall we choose freedom and embrace capitalism?

I think as a nation we are beginning to awaken out of the socialist nightmare. Down the road, I believe we will begin to flush out the remnants of socialism and communism from our education system and replace is with American capitalism.

Nuclear Politics

November 28, 2006

I watched an hour fifteen minute physics lecture available on the internet about the physics and politics of nukes. It was quite enlightening, and I learned quite a bit. (Yes, I have studied physics in college; no I never got a lecture that laid things out this clearly before.

Here are the highlights. It should frighten you, at least a little bit. Hopefully it will inform as well.

First, there are two substances with which you can build a nuclear bomb, at least the easy-to-build ones: Uranium and Plutonium.

A Uranium bomb is extremely easy to build. Making it blow up with a big blast is kind of hard, but not terribly difficult. You need somebody who understands the fine art of nuclear physics and somebody who understands the fine art of building guns. The hard part is getting the Uranium refined. There are several methods, some of them very simple, others more difficult, and some very difficult. It is mostly a matter of time and money.

The scary thing about the Uranium bomb is how easy it is to do, given the right effort and information. The reassuring thing is that it takes time and money. As the sole superpower, it is our duty to make sure bad guys do not get these nukes.

The plutonium bomb, on the other hand, is extremely easy to get the materials for. All you need are spent nuclear rods and high explosives. Putting them together is very, very difficult. If you mess up, you get a fizzle not a boom. The US has been pretty adamant about countries it doesn’t trust not processing spent fuel rods. The program with Iran and North Korea was all about giving them the rods and then collecting the spent ones so we could do the processing, not them.

It is highly doubtful that either North Korea or Iran could assemble a functional plutonium bomb. That is, without great expense and effort. Unfortunately, both Iran and North Korea are actively pursuing these programs, and they are not being shy about it.

One area that the lecture doesn’t cover is what happens if you shoot a nuclear bomb up into space to blow it up. I do not know what exactly will happen, although I believe it is something like we would lose all of our satellites. I do not know what kind of nuclear bomb you would need to knock out the satellites either. Perhaps North Korea wasn’t trying to build a bomb to attack cities, but to attack our satellites. I do not know enough to say anything affirmatively. I do know that any country who wants to engage our country in a full-scale war would need to eliminate our eyes in the skies if they wanted any hope of surviving more than a few hours.

Finally, I want to talk about nuclear energy. Chernobyl happened because Communism doesn’t work. We have no similar event to Chernobyl in the US. Three-mile island doesn’t even compare. The nuclear reactors that the civilized (not ex-Soviet) world uses nowadays are absolutely safe. At least it is far safer than our coal and oil economy. And best of all, unlike oil, there appears to be no limit to the amount of useful Uranium in our earth.

What shall we do with the waste? Right now, we don’t reprocess it, but we probably should. Plutonium is a nifty substance, with a variety of uses outside of building bombs. Imagine a home who had no heating costs, consumer electronics that never needed to be recharged, and cars that ran on absolutely nothing. This isn’t a fairy tale. We could have such things if we extended our understanding of radioactive substances such as plutonium and other by-products of nuclear reactions. If you’re truly green, in that you value the cleanliness of the environment over the economy, then you should be looking into a plutonium economy to replace our oil-based one.