Got ‘Im


We got another terrorist leader. (U.S. Strike Kills Afghan Taliban Leader)

It’s hard to wake up every morning and hear news of the world’s finest military getting chewed up one-by-one by terrorists in Iraq. If you are going to allow yourself to feel depressed at that kind of news, then you must also allow yourself to feel happy when good news like this comes along.

I had a great party when Zarqawi was confirmed killed. We baked a cake and had a nice meal.

I explained to my 5-year-old son why we were celebrating.

“There was a very bad man who thought God told him to kill innocent women and children so that he could fight us. Rather than fight our soldiers, he hid from us and killed innocent people. We have been trying to get him for a long time. We finally found him and killed him. Now he cannot kill anymore women and children. Now people who want to fight like he does will be sad. Maybe they will not want to fight anymore because they think they will die too.”

If our military keeps having these kinds of successes, eventually I’ll get sick of cakes. Either that or I’ll get really fat.


2 Responses to “Got ‘Im”

  1. dugoutnut Says:

    I guess there is no chance you are going to get any smarter?

    One dead terrorist leader. 100 more lined up to take his place.

    Yep, we can win that way.

    Merry Christmas, Jonathan.

  2. Jonathan Gardner Says:

    We certainly can, and we certainly are winning.

    You may think that killing terrorists are only creating more terrorists. I don’t know how you expect dead terrorists to be better than alive ones at recruiting, training, and coordinating terrorists. It never made sense.

    I don’t think so. I think killing terrorists means more terrorists are dead and fewer are going to have children or pass on their training or coordinate terror attacks.

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