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Why Democrats Have No Moral Authority

January 31, 2007

In the 1980’s, President Reagan presented to the American people a plan for a missile defense system. It would use lasers, missiles, and ballistics to shoot down missiles before they reached America, missiles that could carry nuclear weapons so horrifically powerful that all of America could disappear overnight.

The democrats laughed at him and mocked him endlessly, labelling the system “Star Wars”, claiming such a system would bankrupt the US, embolden the USSR, and never produce anything useful. They even claimed it would start a nuclear war.

Some of those democrats are still alive. Some are even still in power.

They were all wrong.

Every scenario of doom and gloom was not only wrong, but completely wrong. The US was not bankrupted, the USSR was. The USSR was not emboldened, but completely disheartened. Nuclear war was not started, but prevented. And the “Star Wars” program produced a system that is going online today, a system that will protect us and our allies from psychopathic leaders like Kim Jong Il and Ayatollah Khomeini. It is not a dream. It is current reality.

This isn’t the first time the democrats have been wrong in their predictions or their stance on moral issues. Yes, the defense of one’s country is a moral issue. It is even a religious one. Should a man sacrifice his life to defend his property and his countrymen? The only answer, morally and religiously, is yes. If you love your brother, if you love your life, you will stand and fight to the death for your property, as well as yourself and your family and your country. That is the only moral stance on war.
Democrats have been wrong from time to time ever since their inception. Some of the largest issues they have got wrong are fundamental, such as slavery and communism. Slavery is wrong, no matter what the skin color of the enslaved is. And communism is wrong, no matter what noble aspirations you have to make everyone equal. They are wrong as the night is dark and as the day is bright. They are wrong, were wrong, and will always be wrong.

Democrats today are wrong, badly wrong, on the War on Terror and the War in Iraq. They side with the enemy, using whatever methods they can use, even outright attacking our country and providing whatever comfort, even material comfort, they can to America’s bitterest enemies. They are siding with an enemy that is so evil we have no record of any people being as evil as they are. Not even the Visigoths in their worst, the Persians at their worst, the Romans at their worst, or any recorded historical society has ever resorted to such evil acts. Can you name any soldier from history who murders his people, fighting with women and children as a shield?

And yet that enemy is worthy of access to our court system, to be tried by a jury of their peers, to be found guilty or innocent based on evidence collected at the scene of the crime and witness testimony. That enemy is worthy of being shielded from our country’s spies, worthy of being afforded every right we give not just to our civilized enemies, who obey rules of engagement, but to prisoners among our citizens.

That enemy is worth sacrificing the reputation of our nations media, the newspapers, television news reports, and internet sites, to give them a sort of moral equivalency, as if fighting to subject someone to religious tyranny is the same as fighting to free a people from that tyranny.

At least that is what is worth sacrificing for such an evil enemy according to the democrats. They are selling their country for favor with enemies who pray to their false god that they can murder them. They are selling their country for a shot at taking leadership of that country. Our enemies are evil, but that doesn’t mean what the democrats are doing today is not evil as well.

When Senator John Kerry goes overseas to denounce his country, his countrymen, and his government, and his forefathers as an international “pariah”, he does so because he has no moral authority. He has never stood for the right, and never been on the right side of any issue. He has lied to congress in the past when he bore false testimony against his fellow soldiers, and he has continued lying today.

When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi goes to Iraq to uncover the “truth”, as if countless testimony by countless soldiers from all ranks isn’t enought to tell her the truth, the “truth” she wants to expose is not the real truth but her supposed truth that our soldiers are incapable of accomplishing the goals laid out by our president. When she does this, she does it lacking any sort of moral authority. That is because she stands with our enemy, against freedom, progress, liberty, or prosperity. She has all but publically sworn an attack on all forms of civilization, starting with capitalism, the only system a free people can entertain.

When Senator Hillary Clinton puts herself forward as a legitimate candidate for Commander-in-Chief and President of the United States, she does so without any moral authority. Any lawyer who fought to defend the rights of a terrorist gang, aka the Black Panthers, and any women whorefused to hear the claims of Juanita Broderick against her husband, she lacks moral authority.

The Democratic Party used to be a hodge-podge of political opportunists and legitimate patriotic Americans. (Real patriots want their country to win its wars.) When America was threatened, it was the Democratic Party that led America into a world war we did not know we could win, twice.  It was a Democratic Party that led America into other wars, just wars fought in the name of liberty. It was democrats who stood against the Evil Empire, and who exposed her spies among us at the top of our ranks.

Unfortunately, those patriotic democrats are few and far between nowadays. What is left are the political opportunists, willing to do anything or say anything to get a few more points in an opinion poll. They do so without understanding the real consequences of political opportunism. They do so without understanding the history of real democracies and their eventual demise. They do so without any moral authority.

To my democrat friends who read this blog, this is not an attack on you–unless you have long ago abandoned your love-of-country and embraced political opportunism. This is intended to expose what your party has stood for in its worst form, and what it has stood for for the past 40 years. This is intended to awaken you to a sense of ownership of your party, to chase out political opportunists among you, and to demand moral authority from your leaders. If you do not demand it, who will?

Is there hope for the Democratic Party? Unfortunately, I cannot say. There was no hope for Athens in the Pelopponesian War. They had already lost their honor and moral authority and embraced political opportunism to its full extant. They sent their best generals away to war, then stabbed them in the back at home, not unlike what the democrats are doing today.

I hope and pray that political contests in the United States would always be between good and better choices, not bad and worse. That’s why I hope the democrat party returns to its former position as a party of the people, not a party of the party.

The only hope of the Democratic Party is in its people. If they reject their political opportunists and embrace moral authority, I can see a bright future. If instead they sacrifice morality for opportunities, then there is only darkness for them.

I trust that ultimately, the American people will choose the right. I do not trust minorities with the same fervor, whether it is the Democratic Party faithful or the Republican Party faithful. I do trust that whoever embraces moral authority will be chosen to lead the American people, and whoever does not will be cast away as the Whig Party was long ago.

Dear Republicans,

January 30, 2007

As you already know, the symbol for the Republican Party is the elephant. This is because unlike democrats, the republican party faithful is not stupid. We are the world’s economic workhorse. We provide jobs and we work overtime. We take our hard-earned money and spend it on charity, family, and taxes. We do not accept hand-outs. We do not tolerate sloth or stupidity, and we don’t tolerate politicians either.

There is another part of the Republican Party that doesn’t call themselves republicans. These are more of the same, except they have grown so bitter with the stupidity of government and politics that they have all but checked themselves out of the system.  Democrats like to think these are independents, but every study shows that the independents are as conservative, if not more so, than the republicans.

We are all watching you. We are quiet, but we are not stupid. We see what you are doing, even though you think we do not.

You republicans leaders, don’t play politics with your principles. Principles are for standing next to, even if it appears to be a sinking ship. That’s what principles are for. You stick by them even when it isn’t cool, isn’t “good for the party”, and isn’t politically popular. If you didn’t do this, they wouldn’t be principles.

Our party was founded on one principle: equality for all. We fought a bitter war for that principle, and we did so victoriously because our party leader, President Lincoln, stood by his principles and didn’t play politics.

Our party is strong when the party stnads by its principles. Our party is weak when the party abandons them. Consider the victory of President Reagan, winning evey state but one in a traditionally difficult re-election. He stood by principles. Consider President Bush the 1st, who abandoned his principles on taxation.

Republicans and the independents never forget.

I am going to take names of those who do not stand by their principles. I am going to report their actions continuously to the electorate, reminding them why they do not deserve re-election. I am also going to take names of those who do stand by their principles. I will report their actions, donate every dime I can spare, and campaign vigorously for their re-election. I do this simply to help the republicans and independents remember. But the truth is I don’t have to do this. They will do it for themselves. They are not stupid.

Today, we have several issues that test your stand on your principles.

On the War in Iraq, do you stand for victory at any cost? Or do you consider the security of our future generations unworthy of war? Will you abandon Iraq like the democrats abandoned Vietnam? Will you condemn an entire region of the world to slavery, and condemn us to another 30 years of constant warfare? Or will you kill the threat while it is young and weak, and deliver a generation of peace for us and the Middle East?

On the War on Terror, will you vigorously pursue the enemy, foreign and domestic, or will you cave in to folks who demand civil rights which do not exist and should not exist for the enemy? Do you consider our enemy as equal to our people in the courts? Or do you grant that the president and only the president is allowed to execute the War on Terror, using whatever tools he has?

On immigration, will you secure our border, or will you allow countless millions to join our society with their first step being an illegal act and their life spent in hiding? Will you expand and fortify our legal immigration capacity or will you leave our system in shambles? In other words, do you want people coming here legally, to integrate peacefully and with dignity, or do you want people coming here illegally, to integrate with great distress and perhaps even not integrating at all?

On taxes, will you lower them by cutting the tax rate for all, or lower them with special incentives for special, government-approved behavior? Do you admit that lower taxes increases revenue, or do you still believe the incorrect theories that higher taxes means more revenue?

On spending, will you reduce the size of government, or expand it? Will you reduce the spending on charitable programs and bureaucracy, or will you expand it? Will you expand the government’s role in everyone’s lives, or will you limit it?

On morality, will you stand against the murder of our infants and fight to keep marriage sacred, or will you desecrate both life and the institution designed by God to protect it?

On politics, will you vigorously expose the racism and injustice of your political enemy’s plans and policies, or will you allow them to label you as that which you are not? Will you stand up for your principles loudly, forcefully, and vibrantly, or will you try to blend in with the pack of jackasses?
It is your choice. Remember that we will remember what you choose.

PS. If you have chosen your party wrongly, hoping that we would fork over cash for whatever political scheme you imagine, then you need to switch to the Democrat Party. I would prefer you do it sooner rather than later so as not to sully or image of a party of principle.

Let’s Take the Advice of the Military

January 25, 2007

All the while President Bush was sticking with his long-term strategic goals, the democrats were wondering why President Bush wasn’t taking the advice of smart military leaders. It was all a ruse of course, designed to try and make people think that President Bush was stubborn and unwilling to listen to advice.

But in the interest of sincerity, let’s suppose that the democrats were actually honest about asking the military what they thought about the War in Iraq. After all, they are the only people qualified to speak on the subject, the generals more than the soldiers, of course, because they see more and understand more.

One general has a very strong opinion about how to win the war on terror. It is a bitter pill for the democrats to bite.

General Petraeus said that the measure the senate democrats are trying to pass would encourage the enemy.

Of course, when solid, reputable, unmistakable advice gets in the way of the democrat’s political strategy, it is cast aside.

I wonder if the general would be willing to testify at trials for treason?

There is an effort to let the republicans know that they must stand up against this measure. Join here now.

Mitt Romney “Gets It”

January 23, 2007

Mitt Romney gave a speech in Israel, a speech that explains exactly what his plan is to fight global terrorism and specifically prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Have the democrats revealed their plan yet? I mean, any plan but hoping we lose the war?

His plan is very specific, and would have tremendous results. It would exercise every diplomatic option we had, leaving the military option on the back burner in case none of the diplomatic solutions work. It involves an appropriate measure of “unilateralism” (ignoring those countries that want the US to fail) and “multilateralism” (cooperating with those countries that share our long-term goals.)

His take on Iranian agents in Iraq is that congress should not prevent the president from pursuing them.

Read the article here:

Massive DC Rally for Life

January 23, 2007

There was a massive rally for life in Washington D.C. You may not read this in the newspapers, or be told how significant it is. What is amazing is how peaceful the march was, how full of youth and vitality it was, and how upbeat it was.

Here’s a photo essay from someone who attended the march:

Roe v. Wade’s days are numbered, assuming we can get another republican majority in the house and senate, and retain the White House.  If republicans are willing to stand behind principle over politics, the same way republicans stood behind principle over politics in the slavery debate so many years ago, they will be entrusted with the government once again. I believe the vast majority of Americans want to see abortion abolished, and want to see our very youngest treated with all the dignity of humanity that they are a member of.

Democrats Don’t Care

January 23, 2007

Answering my open letter, a few leftists tried to explain why they didn’t feel terrorism was a threat to our liberty.

One tried to tell me that liberty isn’t dependent on security–that we can be free if we are not safe.

Another tried to tell me that the terrorists can’t hurt our liberty, even if they kill a few of us.

Folks, it is apparent that Democrat’s Don’t Care.

They see two towers fall by a lunatic from some backwards part of the world,  thousands of lives snuffed out in the most horrific manner imaginable, and they consider it a small thing, a price they are willing to pay every few year.

Those five thousand aren’t important to the democrats. Why? I can only imagine it is because they can’t vote anymore, at least legally.

We lived in a world before 9/11 where terrorists seemed so distant. Terrorism was a problem that the Israelis had to deal with. They would never strike at the US, no matter how fanatically they talked about it. That was what we thought. We were wrong.

After 9/11, we realized that this was not true. Some backwards fundamentalist, living out of a cardboard box in some God-forsaken rock can and will strike us, and strike us where it hurts. 9/11 was a prelude to more future attacks, future attacks that could include nuclear material.

Republicans, for the most part, have remembered this. They know we can never forget. We must never forget, or we will die all over again. We must never forget, or we will never have security. We must never forget, or we will never be safe.

Yet, despite the effort of the Republcians, for the most part, to remember, democrats, for the most part, have forgotten, and are trying to help everyone else to forget.

Terrorists aren’t all that bad, they say. They only kill a few of us. They are trying to make us fearful–that’s the real threat. Death is a minor thing compared to fear. That is how they analyze it, as if recognizing fear and addressing it appropriately is wrong, while dying horrifically by the hands of evil fascists is somehow tolerable.

One day, unless we remember, we will wake up to an entire city or more becoming extinct. Which one? Who knows. Boston? Seattle? New York? What will our reaction be as our economy comes to a halt, as our people mourn for their lost loved ones? What will you be thinking when you read the headline, “Philadelphia Nuked”?

President Bush, as unpopular as he is, is fighting the only fight that really matters right now. Either we defeat terrorists and terrorism as a viable option against our republic, or we write off those million deaths as the cost of doing business.

I would rather we fought the unpopular war, securing liberty and safety for our children now, than see our children die in a horrific event that was totally preventable. I would rather we at least make a truly best effort, than stand by saying it is impossible.

Remember back to the nineties, when we had “prophets” of a sort warning us of global terrorism, and how we all kind of snickered when they got up to speak. Remember them, and then remember how right they were. I can promise you, they, like Churchill, were not snickering after their prophesied doom came to fruition; they were weeping because they had failed their people.

Remember we paid the price for ignoring prophets. Remember that we will pay that price again and again until we get it right.

Do you want government to feed you?

January 21, 2007

Do you want your government to make food for you?

Do you want your government to choose your clothes for you?

Do you want your government to choose what house or apartment to live in for you?

Do you want your government to raise your children for you?

Do you want your government to educate your children for you?

Parents, we do not want government to choose or food, clothing, or living arrangements any more than we want them to raise our kids for us. Why then do we give money to them, asking them to provide our children’s education?

I believe that public schools are not only failing, but that they are immoral, just as a government lunch program or a government clothing program, or a government housing program are immoral. It demeans us, turns us into slaves begging for scraps from our masters, and prevents us from making the most important decisions we will ever make. We are reduced to serfs, left working to working for the profit of our lords, while we will never be allowed to lift our eyes from the dirt under our feet.

Ever since I have started home-schooling my son, I have seen how poor our government is at providing something as important as education. In a few short weeks, he has learned more than he has learned over the past few years at government school. I was actually harming my son, preventing his growth, by putting him into government school.

Thank God and the people of our state that our state still allows parents to choose how their child shall be educated!

Dear Democrats,

January 20, 2007

While you are busy fighting imaginary evils, such as poverty and global warming, I would like to ask you a few very serious questions.

First, do you consider terrorism a threat to our peace and liberty?

If not, why not?

Second, assumin that terrorism is not a threat in your mind, what do you consider the biggest threat we face?

Third, assuming that terrorism is a threat, what are you doing to defend our peace and liberty from it?

I know you don’t like President Bush. To tell you the truth, I have no idea why you would dislike him. As far as war presidents go, he has been one of the softest. As far as politicians go, he has bent over backwards to lean across the aisle. Every charge that you try to lay on him proves false.

However, when it comes to leading our country, will you step up to the real challenges of defending our peace and liberty, or will you go on in pointless assaults against a lame-duck president? Now that you have made your point with the American people, isn’t it time to implement your agenda and stop with the useless backbiting?
I have tried to engage in honest and real debates with you and people like you, but instead I have been forced to argue against logical fallacies and point out why things like the ad hominem attack is useless in logical debates. As far as I can see, you are incapable of arguing logically. You are incapable of defending your points nor mounting an effective logical assault against your opponent’s points.

I am going to keep giving you and people like you an opportunity to debate. Please, answer the above three questions. Please, engage me in a logical debate void of logical fallacies.

Thank you,

Jonathan Gardner

Why Not Cut Taxes Instead?

January 19, 2007

I’m receiving daily emails about the activities in our state legislature via Washington Votes.

I caught this gem of a bill. I couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Senate Bill 5388 (Authorizing the use of local retail taxes to finance economic development officers.):
Introduced by Sen. Tim Sheldon on January 18, 2007, to allow local retail taxes to pay for economic development officers. “Economic development officer” means a person employed by a county or an associate development organization who promotes economic development purposes within the county.

Democrats don’t realize what wealth is or how it is created or destroyed. I won’t bother going into the details now, but suffice it to say that government, whenever it takes any action, destroys wealth. There are certain advantages to having government destroy wealth in some instances. In the case of national defense, civil security, and providing common infrastructure we actually don’t lose so much wealth.

In this case, they are going to destroy wealth (much more wealth than they will collect in taxes) for the purpose of hiring someone to create wealth by encouraging businesses to come here. Now, I’ll leave it to your imagination whether or not any hired government official will ever be able to provide enough incentives to get a business to move into town. My opinion is that they can’t do much worse than our public schools, which means that the chance of them having a positive effect on business is nil.

So the brilliant democrats want to destroy wealth to… destroy wealth.

If they really wanted to encourage business to move in and start some economic development, they would cut taxes and allow private citizens to expand the businesses in our area. After all, private citizens built this state, and private citizens generate the billions and billions of dollars and mountains of goods required to feed and clothe and provide medical care and education to every person in this state. They can certainly handle the load of improving the business climate.

Got to hand it to them, though. When the republicans were in power, they certainly didn’t go around reducing the size of government much. At least democrats are doing a great job at being democrats.

You can comment on the bill at Washington Votes here:

Democrats in Disarray

January 16, 2007

It seems the Democrats can’t keep their own party in line. Their majority is too thin, and the Republicans know how to outsmart them.

Take a look at this recent article by Mary Katharine Ham on Democratic Majority: How to Lose Your Way in 100 Hours. A Republican, DeMint of South Carolina, offered up as an amendment the exact text that the Democrats passed in the house of representatives. This wasn’t what the senate Democrats were expecting. A vote to kill the amendment, a vote that would kill the key reform, failed!

Couple that with the meltdown of house leadership, and what do you get? Incompetents who won’t last more than 2 years.

Watch the meltdown here.