I wish to compare, in light of the previous article, what conservative Christians believe in chastity and what the LDS church believes in chastity.

Both the LDS church and conservative Christians believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Where we differ is simply on polygamy: We believe that Abraham and all the prophets that took second or more wives were not sinning but obeying a commandment of God. (We do not believe that King David or King Solomon practiced plural marriage properly, taking too many wives, concubines, and marrying outside of Israel in contradiction to the Law of Moses.)

Both the LDS church and conservative Christians do not endorse any sexual practices outside of marriage. Homosexuality, pre-marital sex, extra-marital relations are all perversions of the faculties that God gave us, and doing these things is a very grave sin, second to murder and third to denying the Holy Ghost, the most abominable of all sins.

Both the LDS church and conservative Christians believe that abortion is wrong. Special exceptions may be given considering the life of the woman or if the child is a product of rape or incest, but only with a confirmation of the spirit given to the mother and her church leader. Many conservative Christians believe that all forms of abortion are wrong for any purpose.

Both the LDS church and conservative Christians believe that pornagraphy is doing the world great harm. We also believe that if it weren’t for all the sexual sins being committed, our families, our nation, and our world would be a much better place to live in because everyone would have a strong family they are a member in where they can learn God’s love from their parents and siblings. We believe that a nation that is sinning is under God’s condemnation.

The LDS church believes in eternal marriage, which is simply marriage that extends into eternal spheres. We believe we hold the keys to bind a man and a woman and their children into an eternal family. I believe many conservative Christians believe they are also part of an eternal family, or at least wish they could be. I am fairly certain that no other church teaches this is possible. however.

We do not believe that the standards of morality or the sanctity of marriage and sexual relations should ever be relaxed, even a little bit. We believe that we live in an age where these things are under a constant barrage, and that if we are not careful what we watch, listen to, say, or do, we may be caught in its net.

However, we also believe that sexual sin is not unforgivable, that the Lord can and will forgive those who truly repent, turn to Him, take up His cross, and completely forsake their sins. Is it an easy path? No. Is it possible, though? Absolutely.

Thus, we condemn the sin, knowing that the sinner is capable of repenting and becoming an equal with us in God’s kingdom.

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