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Mother Jones is Pragmatic about LDS Church

December 31, 2007

Mother Jones is pragmatic about the real things that the LDS church does, and wonders why Mitt Romney isn’t touting it in his campaign. (link)

Gee, did you miss the whole speech that Mitt Romney gave? Did you miss the part where he wants to be president of all of America, and not just the LDS America?

Besides, in the LDS church, we are taught that there are things the government does, things that churches do, things that families do, and things that individuals do. These things are all different, as they should be. After all, it makes little sense to have government tie your shoes or churches dictate foreign policy or individuals determining which laws are enforced.

If Mitt Romney were elected president, and if he faced another Hurricane Katrina, I would hope he would say something like, “The federal government will provide security services, and nothing else. I can’t justify spending a dime of the taxpayer’s money on something the constitution doesn’t allow me to do. As far as humanitarian aid–food, water, shelter, and money–that is being handled fine by individuals, families, and churches in the area. I can only see the government’s interference hindering, not helping, these fine organizations and individual’s efforts.”

Mitt Romney: Only a liar according to the old media

December 31, 2007

PowerLineBlog makes an excellent shredding out of an old media’s attempt to label Mitt Romney as a liar. If anything, the evidence presented proves that Mitt Romney is quite honest with people and as open as he needs to be. (link)

I ask you, if you are going to vote as a republican in the primaries, here in Federal Way, Washington State, or anywhere else, to take what the old media has to say and stuff it. It has been proven again and again how they have nothing but detest for the American people and their political processes. Heck, one of their photographers is interred as a terrorist because the old media was paying him to take propaganda photos of terrorists in Iraq.

When you hear a claim, such as “Mitt Romney flip-flopped” or “Mitt Romney is a liar”, “Rudy Giuliani is corrupt”, you need to ask one, simple question: “Why do you say that?”

If they don’t give you a solid story, something specific to look up and discover the truth about, then you brush it off as a whole lot of hot air. Do it with a grin, even patronizingly, since they like that sort of thing.

Remember, you are dealing with a nest of anti-American liars in the old media. They cannot be trusted because they have violated every ounce of trust we have given them.

Fred Thompson: Adieu.

December 31, 2007

I don’t see anything beyond a real miracle (not the Huckabee type of miracle, but a real one) saving Thompson’s campaign.

He is short on cash, and he has a hard time raising it. He has put whatever eggs he does have left into Iowa. He is running a campaign as hard as you can run it with what he has available, and he is getting nowhere.

Thompson is in the position where Hunter has been all along: Right on all the issues, but simply not a front runner. And it doesn’t look like Iowa will change that for him.

There is exactly one scenario where Thompson can pull it off, and these scenario requires two components. (1) Mitt Romney totally pratfalls (not likely–he hasn’t even slipped when given ample opportunity) (2) Rudy Giuliani totally pratfalls (not likely–same reason).

That’s a bad position to be in.

Mike Huckabee: Remembering his Run

December 31, 2007

I still remember when one of Mike Huckabee’s supporters sent out a vehemently anti-mormon email to several republicans in Iowa. He wasn’t unique.

I still remember that Mike Huckabee has never publicly asked his supporters to refrain from the bigotry, but instead seemed to encourage it with his own attacks.

Now we see what Mike Huckabee is trying to do: attack Mitt Romney’s record. That’s a legitimate attack, but you have to make sure you have the facts straight. If the person you are attacking can put out a few paragraphs that totally make you look like a fool, it’s not working.

What is Huckabee going to do this late in the game anyway? Rant and rave like a lunatic that he is being attacked (like a certain other candidate)?

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has garnered the support of most of the conservatives out there, or at least the tacit approval in addition to Giuliani and Thompson. (Thompson, by the way, barring a miracle, is lost. More on that shortly.) That spells nomination in our day and age.

McCain: Game Over

December 30, 2007

I declare John McCain campaign’s finished.

After all his work in New Hampshire to undo what Romney had already done, he hasn’t taken the lead yet. Now that Romney is on the offensive, politely attacking his votes and positions, and now that people see McCain getting upset over it and making rude ad hominem attacks, it’s game over. Hot headed politicians don’t do well in the Republican Party.

McCain has also shown himself incapable of taking the heat in the kitchen. It drove him out of the primaries in 2000, and we are seeing a repeat this time as well. Except one thing is different: McCain won’t be able to take New Hampshire.

Huckabee: Game Over

December 30, 2007

The Huckabee camp is starting to talk about how important coming in 2nd or 3rd in Iowa is. This says a lot: It means Huckabee isn’t going to finish 1st anymore.

What is Huckabee’s realistic strategy if he can’t win in Iowa? South Carolina? Florida? Not likely.

If Romney comes in close 2nd in Iowa, then 1st in New Hampshire, then he faces Giuliani one-on-one for a tough nomination. This is the scenario most likely according to yesterday’s polling figures.

If Romney takes 1st in Iowa and 1st in New Hampshire, then Giuliani is going to have a very difficult time. This is what the Huckabee camp is starting to talk about.

Don’t break out the non-alcoholic fizzy drinks yet, though. It’s a horse race, and you have to wait until the end.

Zimbabwe: What Socialism Gets You

December 28, 2007

Ever wondered what the democrat utopia of high taxes for the rich, a heavily regulated economy, and reactionary money policy would be? What would happen if every whim that every democrat ever had were instantly fulfilled?


Zimbabwe is ruled by a thug. The people are incapable of organizing an effective resistance against the government, which murdered and drove out all of the so-called “rich” people a long time ago, giving their land to the “poor”.

Imagine an economy where the following were true:

  • You can’t withdraw any money from the bank because the bank has no cash to give you.
  • Whatever cash you did have was rapidly diminishing in value.
  • Whatever cash you had in a foreign currency was useless because using that cash is punished.
  • Exchanging foreign currency into cash is impossible. The state-mandated rates are way higher than the market value.
  • If you own anything, anything at all, it would be taken from you or legislated away into uselessness.
  • If you don’t own anything, you can’t buy anything because there is nothing to buy anymore, not even food, at any price.
  • If you are a teacher or a doctor, you can’t get paid enough money to make it worth your time to be a doctor or a teacher. Instead, your only hope is to go out and work on a farm for the chance you might get some food.
  • If you need a teacher or a doctor, you can’t find one, not at any price.

The society is in complete collapse. Since the government, which at one point was democratic, is incapable of changing (no one dare vote for an opponent, nor dare oppose the government), there is no hope anything will change.

These are the warning signs of things going bad like Zimbabwe. Look for them in an election near you.

  • People being elected by force or by threats of force or by foul play. People not even attempting to challenge incumbents because it is dangerous to do so. People not daring to support an opponent because it is suicide.
  • Elected officials going beyond the law to bring more socialism to the area. That is, bringing government into areas where government didn’t used to be.
  • Government interfering with free trade by imposing limits to how much or what kind of trade can occur.
  • Government unfairly taxing the rich because they are rich.
  • Government unfairly taking property away from the rich and giving it to the poor in the name of social justice.

Unfortunately, people don’t recognize these warning signs anymore. When a democrat talks about “soaking the rich”, people should shriek in terror, even the poorest of the poor. See, the rich have a very important function in society: They make sure that economic resources are being used efficiently, and they make sure that there are jobs which actually bring a benefit to the economy. Most of the law exists to protect the rich from those who don’t like them because without those protections, nobody would be capable of becoming rich and we would all be poor.

Mitt Romney’s New Ad: Future

December 28, 2007

Mitt Romney’s New Ad: Future

Don’t forget that McCain is no republican. Name one issue he stood with republicans on, and I’ll name a hundred he actively stood against the republicans on.

Bhutto’s Death a Grim Reminder

December 28, 2007

Bhutto’s assassination in Pakistan is a grim reminder of the realities of life. When there are people out there trying to kill you, your best bet is to kill them first.

When the enemies of democracy and freedom and common sense are more than willing to kill to get their way, it’s time to pull out your guns and start shooting.

You may not like President Bush’s stance on the War on Terror. These include fighting the battles on their turf rather than at home; declaring war before it’s hot; refusal to negotiate with terrorists; and using every military power to win the war. You may not like it, but see, President Bush and 300 million Americans are alive today because of it. As long as we are willing to use force to kill those who would kill us first, then we will be alive and safe and healthy so we can do things like have political rallies and complain about President Bush’s foreign policies.

But if President Bush wasn’t willing to fight, if he was only willing to react to attacks one at a time, after the fact, then we would be in a much different situation–a situation closer to Bhutto’s current situation.

One More Big Item: Global Warming Movement Cools

December 24, 2007

One more major news item the old media doesn’t want you to remember from 2007: The Global Warming movement has peaked and is now in decline, thanks to dissenting scientists and politicians facing opposition boldly.

Remember that this is the year that the head honcho in the US for the Global Warming Movement,  Dr. James Hansen, was forced to admit that the hottest year on record happened in the 1930’s, and he took money from the George Soros foundation to further the Global Warming Movement.

Folks, it won’t be long now that Global Warming will be synonymous with Snake Oil.