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Dear Governor Huckabee,

December 12, 2007

Dear Governor Huckabee,

In light of your supporter’s ignorant attack on the LDS religion, and bigoted assertions that a man’s religion is important in determing their worthiness for office, let me ask you to do something right now that could save your face and fix the divide that is quickly growing between you and your supporters and everyone else in the republican party.

Time is running out, but you do have the ability to address these concerns either at the debate in a few hours, or in a special speech. Regardless, the message must get out to your supporters that faith will not divide the republican party or America. You must send a message that although you don’t agree with LDS doctrines, you don’t believe that that should cause us to be separated politically. You must send a message that attacks on one’s religion are appropriate only in religious circles,  not in political ones. Politics is about bringing people together to effect change for their common cause. It is not about building walls between people and dividing the country into groups of people who continually fight each other over trivial differences. That’s what socialists and communists do.

I understand that you think your campaign is being blessed by God. You may take this as a license to be even more careless in what you say and do. But look back at what Jesus did and what his apostles did. They tried to unite people together in one in Christ, not build barriers between each another. They taught the disciples of Christ to serve one another, do unto others as they would have done unto them, and agree with their enemies quickly. They taught that love conquers all, and the testimony of Christ was powerful in convincing men. There was no need to argue or bicker or belittle other people’s faiths. There was no need for animosity or distrust. These things hurt the cause, not helped it. Of course, this is one mormon’s view of the New Testament. You might have a different interpretation, which you are certainly entitled to.

But the larger point is that people like the USA because they can worship God according to their conscience. We don’t mind people arguing for their religion or criticizing each other’s religion because we know that ultimately, we are all brothers and we are all patriots  and we all have the same ideals. So trying to divide people politically along religious lines is exactly opposite of what we love about America.

I don’t know if you’ve had time to read or watch Romney’s speech on Faith in America. If you haven’t, I understand that you’re busy and you are less than fully staffed. Regardless, I urge you to carefully think about what he said and why he said it. Do this before you dig the hole you are in much deeper, and before your campaign builds a permanent divide between compatriots in the republican party and America.


Jonathan Gardner

A Word on Immigration

December 12, 2007

Listen closely to Michelle Malkin. She has been an enthusiastic supporter of immigration reform, the kind that would actually stop the flow of illegals into our country and simultaneously help more people come here legally who should be here. (link)

Notice that there are a few candidates who have dodged her attack. Among the front-runners, there are only 2: Thompson and Romney. Tancredo and Hunter are the other two.

Question: Realistically, is it possible to get the fence built with a democrat controlled congress? Answer: No.

Question: Realistically, what effect can a president have on illegal immigration then? Answer: Lots, provided they exercise their power. That is, they use the tools they are provided to prosecute illegal immigrants, effectively manage immigration, and provide the already legally required system to allow employers to verify employment.

Question: Which candidates are talking about doing these things? Which candidates have actually done these things? Answer: Romney, Thompson, Tancredo, and Hunter talk about it. Romney is the only one who has been in a position to do anything, and he did all he could to help solve the problems of illegal immigration, and he was quite effective. The other three oddly don’t talk about what things they can do without congress’s approval.

If you are passionate about stopping illegal immigration, then you should be supporting one of the big four on that issue: Romney, Thompson, Tancredo, or Hunter. If you support anyone else, then you will be disappointed, based on their past behavior.

Why Grassroots can Hurt your Campaign, too

December 12, 2007

Would any of you support an avowed atheist for president? Do you think religion, especially Christianity, is being marginalized by ACLU and other organizations? If so than you would be piling on to vote in a Mormon. Mormonism is a cult. In case I didn’t type it clearly enough… Mormonism is a cult. I won’t vote for Mitt Romney for numerous other reasons, but based on my knowledge of Mormonism, I would not trust him as my president as he might be fooled into believing most anything. How could he possibly be trusted to negotiate with Islamic radicals? He might believe Muslim and Mormons are the same, just like he tries to pass off Mormons as Christians. The Mormon Church is extremely wealthy and extremely secretive. But that is information for another time. Additionally, the LDS religion is sexist, racist, and the Church president is considered both a prophet (on the same level as Jesus) and ultimately the authority for God on earth. Mitt would be going against Mormon doctrine and risks ex-communication if he didn’t take orders from his Church.

This is from an email from a Huckabee supporter, CC’d to a bunch of conservatives in Iowa. (link, link) This is why attacking the LDS church isn’t the way to win an election. Does this author sound like he is anything but an ill-informed bigot who “might be fooled into believing most anything”?

I count at least 8 absolute lies in the paragraph, and about 2 or 3 more misrepresentations.  These are things that are easily verifiable, assuming you believe that even mormons can tell the truth.

Dear author, you don’t know anything about mormonism. Next time the missionaries come knocking, you can do far worse than inviting them in to explain to you how little you actually understand.

And, author, yes I could support an atheist, if he was credible and capable enough to carry my political issues forward. See, as long as that atheist supported the principles of service, equality, and liberty, which is our common religion, little else matters. To quote Romney:

“Perhaps the most important question to ask a person of faith who seeks political office, is this: does he share these American values: the equality of human kind, the obligation to serve one another, and a steadfast commitment to liberty?

“These are not unique to any one denomination. They belong to the great moral inheritance we hold in common. They are the firm ground on which Americans of different faiths meet and stand as a nation.”

80% Would Vote for an LDS President

December 12, 2007

Mitt’s trust in the voting population of the US is well-placed. 80% would vote for a mormon, 17% would not. (link)

Quoth Romney:

“Some believe that such a confession of my faith will sink my candidacy. If they are right, so be it. But I think they underestimate the American people.”

Can you get any lower?

December 12, 2007

How is it any possible to get lower than this?

Egads, we have to answer questions about our underwear?

For the record, I will from now on respond to any questions about my underwear (that are shallow, insincere, and irreverent) with a queer look of disbelief. “What in the world do you care what kind of underwear I wear?”

Defending Romney Against Absurdity

December 12, 2007

So on the ride this morning, callers to Kirby Wildbur’s show made two attacks against Romney, attacks which I don’t understand.

The first was that he was a governor of the most liberal state in the union. I don’t understand why this would cause someone not to vote for him. I guess the caller meant to say that since he governed a liberal state, he must be a liberal. We can tell from Governor Romney’s record that that is hardly the case. Also, consider that President Reagan came from another deep blue state–California. Does that mean that Reagan was a liberal? I’d rather discuss specific policies and decisions than blanket statements like this.

The second was that he is a flip-flopper. I’m asking a serious question here: What has he flip-flopped on? Do you understand what flip-flop means? Does he take both sides of an issue, contradicting himself consistently? After all, that’s what John Kerry did when he said, “I actually voted for the bill before I voted against it.” Name one issue where Romney has flipped back and forth between both sides. You can’t do that, can you? The reason why is because Romney hasn’t flip-flopped. He has flipped on several issues. He has actually governed under his current set of principles. If that’s a negative, that someone can approach an issue and realize they were wrong and adopt the principles of the correct side, then I’d like to see more candidates with this particular weakness.

Folks, there is plenty of fair game with Romney. There are things you can find in his current platform that don’t scream “conservative”. You don’t have to invent stuff to attack him. You don’t have to insinuate that conservatives can’t come from liberal states. You don’t have to exaggerate his past. When you do these things, it only makes yourself look foolish.

I’d rather you looked into candidates and judged them based on who they really are than on what people tell you they are. After all, we don’t want to fall under the same trap that the liberals have fallen into. We want the truth to be our ally.

Huckabee Attacks My Faith

December 12, 2007

Well, Huckabee has crossed a line he shouldn’t have. He has begun attacking my faith by questioning whether we believe Satan and Jesus were brothers. (link)

If he were so interested in what we believe, why doesn’t he ask the missionaries over to his campaign headquarters to explain? Our church sends out tens of thousands a year all over the world to let people know exactly what we believe in. Heck, I am sure he could ask one of the general authorities to take as much time as he needed to explain our beliefs. If he doesn’t want to get so personal, I am sure he could take some time to browse our scriptures, sermons, and educational materials found online at and I understand though, because he is having a hard time keeping up with current events, such as Cuba and Iran. So maybe he has better things to do than understand the 4th largest Christian denomination in the United States. There’s only 6 million of us, so who cares what we think, right?

I don’t believe he was interested in what we believe, however. Instead, he wants to create fantasies in the minds of those who can hear his voice about what we believe. He wants to drive a stake between us and others, rather than unite us as fellow Americans. I may believe in golden plates, but I’m not buying that Huckabee’s a sincere seeker of truth in this matter.

That’s fine, if he doesn’t want the 4% of so of the Republican vote that comes from members of the LDS church, he can go ahead and write us off. I’m sure whatever margin of victory he plans on having over the democrats is larger than 4%, right? It’s not like we’re in a tight election year with an undecided outcome or anything.

Or is he going to start pandering to us once the generals get underway? Maybe he’ll say something like, “Sorry about the whole Satan-brother insinuation. Let’s just sweep it under the rug.” I don’t know how much his rug can hide, after he’s swept his immigration positions, his financial positions, and he shady past as politician under the rug.

But as long as he’s a professed Christian, it shouldn’t matter what a man does, right? Take a look at Jimmy Carter. He was a great evangelical president with lots of key accomplishments. Accomplishments like massive inflation, runaway spending, oppressive over-regulation, and the whole Iran thing that got us the Middle East position we are in today.

Remember the Shah of Iran? Yeah, the one person in the Middle East who could actually keep the radical muslims in check? Yep, our preacher Jimmy put him out of power to replace him with the folks that gave Ahmedinejad control and the same folks that are funding Hamas and Fatah and Hezbollah. Folks, just because a man believes in something doesn’t mean he is going to make a good president.

In fact, the less a man speaks about what he will do as president and the more he speaks about what he believes, the more likely I am to believe he will be a terrible president. Is that logic too complicated for you?

Let me put it another way: I’m not going to hire a roofer because he wears a cross. I am going to ask for references and to see his insurance policies.

The same goes for a president. Don’t tell me what you believe in. Tell me what you have done, what you will do, and how you will do it. Tell me why you will make a better commander-in-chief and party leader than the next guy. Don’t tell me that you believe God is anointing you the republican candidate.

If you haven’t noticed, I am fast turning against Huckabee rather than simply not supporting him. If you think he is going to beat the democrats in the generals by alienating every Christian who doesn’t believe in his brand of Christianity, you are deluding yourself. Folks, this is exactly what a president should never do, no matter what part of Arkansas they grew up in.