Mitt Romney: Simply Brilliant


Imagine Mitt Romney sitting with a bunch of reporters. He says, “You know, I have always been for civil rights, even back in the 60’s. I saw my father march with Martin Luther King, Jr.”

What would happen? Do you think the old media would trumpet this across the front pages?

Of course not. If the old media ran with that story, not only would it help Mitt, but it would help the Republican Party by demonstrating that in the 60’s, only the republicans were united behind the civil rights movement. The democrats were split. So since it would help republicans, the story was tanked, if it was ever started.

So what does Mitt do? He gives a speech on national TV, a speech that was supposed to be about his religion. (Note how every time Mitt came out and said it wasn’t about his religion that the media drummed it up even more.) In the speech he declares that he saw his father march with Dr. King. It was a minor statement, but an important one. It was a statement that everyone heard. But otherwise, it was a forgettable statement.

But it gets better. See, someone in the media uncovers that maybe this isn’t true. After all, the historical records don’t show that Dr. King ever marched in that area. When confronted, Mitt shows weakness, and starts to backpedal. “Aha!” the old media thinks. “We got him cornered–let’s go in for the kill.” The old media runs with the story, blaring it across the headlines: “Mitt is a liar. He didn’t see dad march with King.”

And then it gets better. See, Mitt did see his dad march with Dr. King. So did a whole lot of other people, people who marched as well. One by one, the real story comes out, piece by piece the lead story in the old media is thoroughly trashed.

Most importantly, the big issue that was supposed to take Mitt down–gets the message he wanted out in the first place. Now, when people think Mitt, they will think: “Wasn’t he the guy that claimed to see his dad march with Dr. King?” and then, “Oh yeah, and they thought he didn’t but he really did!”

Folks, Mitt is slick, and he is slicker than der Schlickmeister himself. He just used the old media to trumpet something he wanted to get out and publish far and wide. He just changed the discussion from “Didn’t mormons prohibit the blacks from getting the priesthood?” to “Didn’t Mitt march with Dr. King?”

This reminds me of how both Reagan and Bush would regularly make fools out of the media. It is so subtle you can easily miss it, but it is obviously there. It reminds me of Governor Romney telling a reporter, “No, I represent the people; you represent your newspaper.” He is that kind of guy, witty, smart, and brilliant.

This is why I support Mitt over Thompson. I have yet to see Thompson do anything like this. This is what you need beyond the issues and the principles: you need someone that can deliver.


5 Responses to “Mitt Romney: Simply Brilliant”

  1. Mike Says:

    I don’t care what his father did. I care what he does. He’s 60+ and should have his own reputation to defend. Not his mommy or daddy’s. No candidate for office should be back pedaling. Quite simply, he’s a liar sir. God help America if he gets the Republican nomination.

    The fact that Mr. Romney has to personally support his campaign with his own money (his fan base isn’t overly impressive so he put $17 Million of his own money in there.) speaks volumes to the ego with which this candidate has openly declared war on the American voter. His campaign has “borrowed” from itself in an attempt to undermine the system by which presidential candidates run for office.

    Further, his brilliance is that he lives in his own head. The guy looks high as a kite most of the time… “A figure of speech”? What the **** is he talking about? He needs a sanity/reality check. Follow the money for his biggest supporters.

  2. Jonathan Gardner Says:

    And that reputation is that he, like his father, earnestly worked for civil rights.

    And the reputation of the church he attends, by those who really know the church and find things out for themselves rather than believe all the false information being spread around, is that the church’s record as far as civil rights is unparalleled. Ever since the founding of the church, we have been an example of racial equality and justice, and we have made it a point to treat all kindly and humanely regardless of status or skin color. That’s what got us kicked out of Missouri, and that’s what got us kicked out of the US.

    Did Romney back-pedal? No, but he certainly fooled the media into making an issue out of this, an issue that will hugely benefit his campaign in the primary and in the general election. Notice that we are talking about Mitt Romney’s record and not his religion anymore!

    And who are his biggest supporters? People who care about this country because they have a huge stake in it. Business leaders from the top down. Individuals from the bottom up. Hard-right conservatives and even some liberals that would rather have good government than another party hack. Check it out. His supporters come from a broad group, a broad group that represents the vast majority of the United States.

  3. Job Says:

    No, Mitt Romney’s father did not march with Martin Luther King, Jr. The march that Mitt Romney was referring to Martin Luther King Jr. sponsored but did not attend. Martin Luther King, Jr. was in New Jersey that day. The eyewitness accounts are simply mistaken.

    Look, George Romney was the governor of Massachusetts. Civil rights marches (and the violent melees that almost always followed them, not that anyone talks about that now) were big news. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the most newsworthy person of his era, constantly followed by the press. So do you honestly believe that George Romney would have marched hand in hand with Martin Luther King, Jr. as one of those “eyewitnesses” claimed, without one single photograph of it being taken by the press, the civil rights leaders (who desperately wanted evidence of mainstream white support for their cause), or the Romney team itself? Pictures like George Romney’s wife talking to (but not marching with!) Martin Luther King, Jr. that are now wide in circulation?

    The pictures do not exist and the CREDIBLE witnesses do not exist because it did not happen. George Romney never marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. It is not about the commitment of George Romney or Mormons to civil rights, it is about whether Mitt Romney was telling the truth, and by his own admission he was not. It is time to quit claiming otherwise.

  4. Jonathan Gardner Says:

    We’ll see how this turns out. As for me, I wouldn’t go around claiming such footage doesn’t exist unless you have a magical index cards that lists where every piece of footage ever created currently sits. And I wouldn’t toss aside the words of witnesses–do you think the people trust the media more than real live people?

  5. One_American Says:

    FYI – George Romney was not governor of Massachusetts. Try Michigan. If you can’t get that fact straight you lose credibility with me. You can’t prove a negative Job even if you were looking in the right state.

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