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One More Big Item: Global Warming Movement Cools

December 24, 2007

One more major news item the old media doesn’t want you to remember from 2007: The Global Warming movement has peaked and is now in decline, thanks to dissenting scientists and politicians facing opposition boldly.

Remember that this is the year that the head honcho in the US for the Global Warming Movement,  Dr. James Hansen, was forced to admit that the hottest year on record happened in the 1930’s, and he took money from the George Soros foundation to further the Global Warming Movement.

Folks, it won’t be long now that Global Warming will be synonymous with Snake Oil.

As Usual, the Old Media Misses It

December 24, 2007

In an effort to try and hide the real successes and failures we’ve had as a country, the old media is trying desperately to hide any evidence of a war being fought in Iraq. Michelle Malkin does a wonderful job reminding us of what happened last year in the most important conflict of this decade. (link)

There’s nothing quote-worthy because all of it is so great. Get over to Michelle Malkin’s site, read it all, and remember how wonderful our troops are.