Fred Thompson: Adieu.


I don’t see anything beyond a real miracle (not the Huckabee type of miracle, but a real one) saving Thompson’s campaign.

He is short on cash, and he has a hard time raising it. He has put whatever eggs he does have left into Iowa. He is running a campaign as hard as you can run it with what he has available, and he is getting nowhere.

Thompson is in the position where Hunter has been all along: Right on all the issues, but simply not a front runner. And it doesn’t look like Iowa will change that for him.

There is exactly one scenario where Thompson can pull it off, and these scenario requires two components. (1) Mitt Romney totally pratfalls (not likely–he hasn’t even slipped when given ample opportunity) (2) Rudy Giuliani totally pratfalls (not likely–same reason).

That’s a bad position to be in.

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