Mitt Romney: Only a liar according to the old media


PowerLineBlog makes an excellent shredding out of an old media’s attempt to label Mitt Romney as a liar. If anything, the evidence presented proves that Mitt Romney is quite honest with people and as open as he needs to be. (link)

I ask you, if you are going to vote as a republican in the primaries, here in Federal Way, Washington State, or anywhere else, to take what the old media has to say and stuff it. It has been proven again and again how they have nothing but detest for the American people and their political processes. Heck, one of their photographers is interred as a terrorist because the old media was paying him to take propaganda photos of terrorists in Iraq.

When you hear a claim, such as “Mitt Romney flip-flopped” or “Mitt Romney is a liar”, “Rudy Giuliani is corrupt”, you need to ask one, simple question: “Why do you say that?”

If they don’t give you a solid story, something specific to look up and discover the truth about, then you brush it off as a whole lot of hot air. Do it with a grin, even patronizingly, since they like that sort of thing.

Remember, you are dealing with a nest of anti-American liars in the old media. They cannot be trusted because they have violated every ounce of trust we have given them.

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