Mother Jones is Pragmatic about LDS Church


Mother Jones is pragmatic about the real things that the LDS church does, and wonders why Mitt Romney isn’t touting it in his campaign. (link)

Gee, did you miss the whole speech that Mitt Romney gave? Did you miss the part where he wants to be president of all of America, and not just the LDS America?

Besides, in the LDS church, we are taught that there are things the government does, things that churches do, things that families do, and things that individuals do. These things are all different, as they should be. After all, it makes little sense to have government tie your shoes or churches dictate foreign policy or individuals determining which laws are enforced.

If Mitt Romney were elected president, and if he faced another Hurricane Katrina, I would hope he would say something like, “The federal government will provide security services, and nothing else. I can’t justify spending a dime of the taxpayer’s money on something the constitution doesn’t allow me to do. As far as humanitarian aid–food, water, shelter, and money–that is being handled fine by individuals, families, and churches in the area. I can only see the government’s interference hindering, not helping, these fine organizations and individual’s efforts.”

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