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Dr. Hansen should be stripped of his PhD

June 27, 2008

Dr. Hansen is on the loose again, making wild claims and passing unsubstantiated rumors in the name of “science”. (link)

Among his claims is that if you disagree with him, you should be thrown in jail, fined, or otherwise punished. Perhaps he is even implying the death penalty. I am not sure. Regardless, he wants “science” to go back to the good old days where disagreements are resolved with executions.

If this is the kind of science that Dr. Hansen is involved in, then I want nothing to do with his science.

I would prefer to keep science where it belongs—among the things where anyone is free to say whatever they like, where people’s theories are not dismissed simply because of who they are or the beliefs they hold, but for the merits of the theories they propose alone.

Fac me cocleario vomere!

June 25, 2008

Fun with Latin at Power Line. (link)

Too bad Obama clubbed his baby seal. (link)

“Fatal Conceit”

June 25, 2008

These are the words that Nobel Laureate Richard Hayek had of those who think they know better: “Fatal conceit”

Walter Williams, an economics professor at George Mason University, explains that information is distributed and decision making should be left in the hands of those who have to live with its consequences. It is “fatal conceit” that guides congress and presidential candidates and supreme court justices to believe that they know how much money we should save for retirement, what kind of medical care we should spend our money on, or what kinds of food and medicine we should be allowed to use. (link)

If these guys are “right-wing”, I’m not right-wing

June 20, 2008

Michelle Malkin points out that a so-called “right-wing” terrorist drug-dealing group shares nothing in common with the conservatives in the US. Worth noting. (link)

As Reagan would say, it’s not a question of left versus right. It’s up versus down. Up towards individual liberty, limited government, prosperity for all, or down back to oppressive governments and brutal dictatorships.

Thad McCotter on Speaking “Democrat”

June 20, 2008

This election season, we are already hearing a lot on what the democrats propose to do if entrusted with government. That McCotter is kind enough to help us understand what the democrats are saying, since I can hardly make any sense of their conflicting and contradicting statements. (video and transcript here)

Let me try to explain why he is saying what he is saying. Those of us who grew up reading books written before this new democrat language has swept our society will understand better than those who haven’t.


Why CA Homosexual Marriage Affects All of Us

June 13, 2008

This is a really great summary of why it is important to people in Kansas that California are giving marriage licenses to homosexual couples from’s Ken Blackwell: link

In case you don’t understand that article, let me summarize in plain English:


Pat Buchanan: Not a conservative

June 11, 2008

Little Green Footballs has been tracking Pat Buchanan in the old media. It seems like he is the token conservative on many shows. (link)

Pat Buchanan is a nutcase. He is an anti-semite, meaning he believes the insane notion that Jews are out to conquer the world. Pat Buchanan left mainstream conservativism a long time ago, probably before his presidential bid against Bob Dole. Please don’t think he and I agreeing on very much, probably not much more than I agree with Patty Murray.

I believe this is the case for most people who call themselves conservatives.

House Republicans: Setting the Tone for 2009

June 11, 2008

The House Republicans, long the bastion of conservatism, seems to be getting back into their groove. (link) Their proposal for 2009 and beyond is simply what America needs right now, conservative and liberal alike. I can’t find anything that the two sides of the aisle would really disagree on, speaking of the voters, of course.


Slavery in the US

June 11, 2008

Walter Williams explains how we have become slaves in the United States. (link) Except, oddly enough, in some ways some of the slaves before the Civil War had it better off than we do today.


Carter’s Second Term

June 10, 2008

From the Campaign Spot at National Review Online, John McCain on Obama:

You know one of his favorite phrases is that I would be a Bush third term. Well I think maybe his proposals could be Carter’s second term