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The Origins of Fannie Mae

July 30, 2008

Some democrats out there would have you believe that foolish speculators and greedy, dishonest mortgage brokers are to blame for the current credit crisis.

However, the truth is always different than what you are told by the democrats. The center of this storm isn’t speculators or mortgage brokers. It isn’t even the lending institutions such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It is the federal government, in particular congresscritters who think they can change the laws of nature with the stroke of a pen. American Thinker has an explanation for the real foundation of the mortgage industry. (link)


Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) Indicted on Corruption

July 29, 2008

As a republican, I’m not a huge fan of Sen. Stevens. Anybody that is that heavily involved in pork-barrel politics should be running as a democrat.

If Sen. Stevens is guilty, then he should be punished according to the law. I hope every other corrupt politician gets indicted and prosecuted as well.

Who puts together these cases and pushes for indictment? Why, President Bush. Thank goodness we have a president who is willing to bring charges against corrupt politicians of his own party.

Sending Bigots Back to the Dark Ages

July 29, 2008

Mike Huckabee has done the American people a favor: He has sent religious bigots back to the dark ages, marginalizing them for the foreseeable future. (more…)

Not So Common Sense?

July 24, 2008

Tell me something… is there something you are really good at but you have no “formal training” to do it?

How about doing math? Are you really good at math, but you don’t have a teaching degree? How about history? Do you love history? Maybe Science and cutting edge technology? I must confess, I am a huge fan of all these myself. It is a standing joke at my house – my wife is always telling me I have all this “useless trivia knowledge” I should go on “Jeopardy”, “Smarter Than a 5th Grader” or some show – where I usually know the answers to the questions.

Last year when I questioned the “real science” in Al Gore’s video… because I am not a “trained scientist”, but only read A LOT about a great many things, I was made out to be a fool. Is it foolish for a common man to be able to do the simple things like think for himself? Maybe do the math, know the history, understand the science and be able to read? Common sense stuff right? Or is it?

My question is: Why can’t others do these things?

Help me to understand this, because I’m confused. We have some of the most brilliant minds in this country and somewhere in the last 40 years we stopped thinking for ourselves and have turned over our lives to career politicians, judges and lawyers and we’ve basically let the foxes take over governing the hen house.

It would be funny, if it weren’t so true. Let me relay a story to you that has me thinking.

A long time ago there was a man named Aesop. He told stories, much like the great Greek philosophers – to educate. One of these fables is about a colony of frogs that have grown tired of their own leadership, they demand CHANGE. (Sound familiar?) So the frogs get together and pray that they get a new leader. Suddenly a tree falls to the ground in the middle of their bog and they hop away in fear of their new leader… yes they thought the tree was their leader. Over time, the tree is more and more accepted, but the more intimate the frogs get with the tree the more they realize the tree is nothing to be feared and is but only a tree.

Years go by and the frogs again get complacent and pray they get a leader that will BRING CHANGE. Suddenly a crane shows up and boy does this crane bring change! What change does the crane bring? He eats the frogs. Is it the change the frogs wanted? Probably not. Did the frogs have a specific list of changes they wanted brought about by the new leader? We are not told that they did. This sounds much like our own world today, doesn’t it? People are clamoring for change, but do they really know what kind of change they want or need to turn their world into a successful and prosperous land?

Once again, I am not a career politician. I am not a doctor or a lawyer. I am but a simple man of common sense. I can see this, can you?

Do you remember about 10 years ago when a political party wrote up what was then called “A Contract With America”? I know it fell apart and all but they had the right idea. In Business, more specifically Project Management, it’s called setting expectations. Just like a contract you have to set performance expectations, you have to get all parties to the contract to fully understand what is expected of them, set a timeline for when the contract begins and ends and if needed an exit strategy or performance analysis to correct or refocus our main objective if things go off course. Side note: This is genuinely what I am hearing from the Dino Rossi campaign for Governor of Washington State – He at least has a plan and wants to return Washington to the people, but that’s another topic.

Now, just for fun, what are the first two Laws of Moses? Do any of you know why God wrote ten laws into stone? Or why Moses brought the Ten Commandments from Mt. Sinai? (Today known as Jebel el Lawz ) Setting expectations and organizational structure is very important in an organized society. So is getting what you pay for.

Back to the story of the frogs… did the frogs ask to be eaten alive by taxes? No the crane just made up it’s mind that the frogs were there for the benefit of his administration and were nothing more than the meal ticket he was looking for. Sound familiar? That’s just the way our own government looks at us – we are nothing more than their permanent meal ticket.

When was the last time you clamored for your taxes to be raised? When was the last time you wrote your representative in Congress and told them: I have way too much money – you have got to tax me more so I don’t have all this cash laying around stinking up my house!” When was the last time you said: “You know, I have worked for a living all my life. Worked my fingers to the bone. I’ve often had to work 3 and 4 jobs at a time to make ends meet, but I put my kids through school, sent them to college and now I’m retiring for ¼ of my income on Social Security.”

When did you vote to give Congress a free ride? When did you vote to give Congress a retirement plan that gives THEM their full congressional pay for life? Isn’t that something? You work for years and work hard to retire on ¼ of your income – whereas Congress can do a terrible job, they can have the worst approval numbers in history and THEY walk away on full pay for life. Do you see a conflict of interest there?

Congress also has the best bargaining method. They raise their own pay whenever they wish to. Shouldn’t there be some check point where we the people get to decide if they are cutting the mustard? Listen, man was not created to work like a dog, but if for people to get their common sense knocked back into them? Maybe Congress feels they have to be taxed to death? I know that the whole idea of a Republic was to have the people vote to have their wants needs and desires presented in a ruling and governing body by whom they elect to represent them. Once again I call to question… who’s majority body ever said it was okay for those who represent us to raise their own salaries? Who gave Congress the ultimate in retirement plan without OUR consent? Can you say POWER GRAB?

When it’s this kind of selfish money grubbing thought process going on in our leadership, it’s no wonder our educational system is geared to keep the masses stupid. It’s no wonder the masses still keep thinking that voting for the party line that wants to provide more services for free cannot understand – SOMEONE has to pay for those services. Pareto’s Law (See: speaks to this very thing.

So, Final Question:

Can you define the word change?

What kind(s) of change do you want to see in your government?

Write them down, add more of them to your list as you think of more – but make sure you itemize the changes you want. Change for the sake of change is not good enough. I for one would like to know what I am buying. I’ll tell you what, if the government is stupid enough to pay $800 for a toilet seat and buy a hammer for $400 (See: Then maybe, just maybe they should be shopping like you do? Perhaps they should shop at a discount warehouse too?

When your candidates for office speak, let these changes on your list, be your buzz words for understanding where you are in your thinking and see if the candidate is in alignment with your thinking too. Of course no one will be 100%. Shoot, I’ve been married to my best friend for 10 years and we still disagree all the time. It’s the 75 – 80% of the things we DO agree upon that make our marriage work. Common Sense Stuff right?

They spat on him

July 21, 2008

I am sure you have heard that our veterans returning home from Vietnam were spat on. I am sure you may have heard that some claim that was completely fabricated. Based on the characters of the various stories, I have to say those who claim they were spat on in airports are much more trustworthy, while those who stood against our country and our veterans turned out to be liars of extreme proportions. None of the charges that John Kerry made up against our troops in that country were true, not even close. The hundreds of books, movies, and thousands of articles since then that have repeated that lie. All of those authors, directors, writers, etc, all should give our veterans a giant apology.

Our generation is no less stupid when it comes to honoring our troops. Indeed, there has never been a time in the history of the world when any organization has behaved with such superior respect and compassion and professionalism than today’s American soldier. I love the WWII vets and the Korean War vets and all the vets from the revolution until today, but I have to admit I cannot imagine any other generation behaving at such a level. Perhaps this is because our soldiers have never been under such tight scrutiny. (more…)

Something evil this way comes…

July 21, 2008

I share with you a secret. A secret so profound many will not hear or understand its message. History has a way of repeating itself. Heard it before have you? This truth happens on a small scale and on a grand scale all the time. This is a tale of two lands that were established in purity and faith in the one true God. It is a story of the end and fate of one and the potential future of the other, for one cannot exist without the other.

A long time ago in a not so distant land, a king came to power in a nation where God was served. The king married a woman of witchcraft and idolatry, bringing her godlessness, pride, arrogance and unbelief with her into the house of leadership within this nation. The woman bore much influence upon the king and though the king was yielding to the truth – often the only voice in his ear was that of his contemptuous bride who made it her mission to put to death all those whom opposed her religious ways and thinking.

The king’s wife did everything she could to destroy the leaders of the true faith and those with wisdom enough to know she was evil. Where once the land was blessed by God to be prosperous, lush and bountiful; under the leadership of this king and his faithless wife the land was under a curse. There was famine all across the land. The waters of the wells dried up, the rivers ran dry and no rain fell for many years. The God they did not see, hear or believe in – held back the blessings originally measured for this nation. Did this stop the ways of the leadership? Did they starve? Did they miss a meal? No. Only the simple lives of those they ruled were affected. The poor and middle class died of starvation and thirst.

Then one day there came a day of a great showdown when the priests of the Queen, brought their love of idols, witchcraft and the worship of unholy doctrine and false gods to a place where the prophet of the one true God said to meet. The stakes were high – whomever loses the demonstration of calling upon the powers of their god(s) – dies. Of the Queen’s priests – offerings were made, dances exhibited, self mutilations began and chants ranted – but no god did come or present him or herself for them. Then the prophet of the one true God prepared his burnt offering and sacrifice and said to the priests of the false gods: “Pour water on my offering that I may show you just how powerful and real my God is.”

In a flash of supreme power – the offering put forth by the prophet of the one true God disappeared in lightning, fire and smoke. As a result of this supreme demonstration of power the king put to death all of the priests of the false gods.

Flash forward to today. Ahab and Jezebel are running for office of the President of the United States… modern day king and queen of the most powerful nation on earth. They bring with them a tainted view of America, a religious perspective that is foreign to true believers of the One True God and an evil spirit of division and lust for power that will destroy our nation is upon them.

I warn you, if these two come to power – there will be the same punishments upon this land as there were in the days of old. There will be famine. There will be chaos. There will be war as the enemies of this nation will seek to destroy us. There will be a cleansing of this nation. The only people able to feed themselves will be the leadership, the wealthy and perhaps those righteous few left. Even many of the wealthy will find it hard after years of drought to be able to buy food, as there will be no “extra” food available.

In this day and age, the leadership of this nation will employ a police state that will increase in number for the first few years and the food will be taken by force from the wise and righteous who have stored it for times such as these. The righteous through efforts of self preservation will be labeled as “haters” for not being willing enough to share their blessings wisdom, of food and supplies with those foolish enough to have followed those who reject God and have ignored the warnings we have spoken for decades regarding the end times.

Turns out, you reap what you sow in life. After 45 years of questioning the origins of creation, after destroying the foundations of our nation by expelling God from our schools, our civic institutions and betraying the love brought through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ… the nation shall reap what it means to be outside of the grace and favor of the One True God.

Those who brought ruin upon themselves for supporting the ungodly ways of mans laws, by believing the things of this world? These people will continue to blame everyone else for their misfortune before they look inward to their own decisions and thoughtlessness. They will never see their own failure as that of not desiring to be educated in the absolute truth of God’s word. They will not see their own failure of buying the party line, the propaganda of global warming and the increased need of growing taxation to pay for social re-engineering.

If a political party stands for gay marriage…

If a political party stands for aborting the innocent lives of children…

If a political party wishes to remind you of the racial division within this nation…

If a political party wants to erase every reasonable attempt at preserving God as our creator and source of all things good…

That party is aligned itself against God and will be punished.

Even the American Physics Society

July 20, 2008

What happens to true science when it meets with politics? Politics wins, apparently. (more…)

“They were wrong then, and they are wrong now!”

July 18, 2008

Senator McCain not only declared that we have succeeded in Iraq, but those who are detractors from our efforts to win were wrong then and they are wrong now. (link)

It’s amazing how liberals can be so wrong on so many issues for so long, and yet wake up in the morning and not question their fundamental beliefs that have led them to be so wrong.

That’s why Senator Obama, running as the most liberal senator in the senate, is going to lose. I don’t think he’s ever been right about anything, unless he had to contradict himself multiple times to get there. And the positions he stands for that he hasn’t waffled on yet are those same positions that have been wrong in the past and will be wrong in the future, positions like protectionism, socialism, mistrust in our military, etc…

New Posting Guidelines

July 18, 2008

Check it out:

Yes, I am very strict when it comes to comments, and I am going to be even more strict about the comments being short and on-topic and reasonable.

Federal Way needs to rethink Gun-Owner Restrictions

July 18, 2008

Mark S. Knapp, an attorney in the area who specializes in gun laws, notes that state gun laws do not allow the City of Seattle—and Federal Way—to restrict the carrying of handgun in public buildings. (link)

It’s great to see a decision like Heller come down from the Supreme Court and statements from Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna that reaffirms the rights we’ve always had, natural rights we were born with and which we haven’t handed over to the government.

To those of you who shudder at the thought that the guy sitting next to you may be packing, I ask you this simple question: He is probably also a voter, a voter that elects the most powerful man in the world, militarily speaking. Shouldn’t that frighten you more?