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Initial Reactions to Sarah Palin

August 30, 2008

First, apparently her name is pronounced PAY-lin.

Second, she has five kids. My wife gets strange looks and comments from people sometimes because we have five kids. Frankly, I don’t understand those people who don’t have any kids or who only have a few. But I don’t make faces at them or pretend to be surprised and say things like, “You only have two?” or “I can’t believe you’ve been married for ten years and haven’t had any children yet!”

Third, I’m not certain of this, but apparently her husband is a democrat. If that’s true, then she’s done more to reach across the aisle and unify the country than Barack Obama could ever hope to.

Fourth, she doesn’t just say the word “change”, she actually brings change. The Republican Party corruptocrats are livid about how successful she has been at breaking up the old corruption schemes. Meanwhile, Obama left his district, his hometown, and his home state in the same position it was before he came along. The only change he is bringing is change to the pockets of his wife and people like Tony Rezko courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Fifth, her son’s going to the battlefield this September, and she couldn’t be more proud of his decision to join the armed forces and fight as a volunteer soldier in the US Army. How many children does Barack Obama have in Iraq, or Afghanistan? What about Biden?

Sixth, she’s pro-life, and she walks the talk. This is an issue that isn’t going away, and it is an issue that Obama is going to lose the election over. See, while Barack Obama was working to pass a bill in Illinois that would allow doctors to kill children born alive, Sarah Palin was working to defend the life of the most innocent and defenseless among us.

Seventh, the ways that the democrats are trying to attack her are pathetic and shallow. I’ve seen these types of attacks, and none of them are working.

  • She’s really pro-gay marriage because she vetoed a couple of bills.
  • She’s really corrupt because her father’s brother’s sister’s uncle’s friend’s daughter’s husband was a state trooper and was involved in an investigation of her mother’s friend’s daughter’s son’s uncle’s involvement in… well, I’m still trying to sort this one out, but it’s apparent it’s pathetically weak.
  • She believes we shouldn’t teach evolution in the classroom but instead we should teach creationism. This is patently absurd, and it is taking one off-the-cuff comment way out of context. She later gave a prepared statement that reflected her true position on it, but apparently those who are making this attack don’t know how to read that one.
  • She’s inexperienced. I’m sorry, but 2 years of governor and several years as mayor is more experience running something than a lifetime as senator. Senators debate and form consensus, governors govern and make things happen. The American voters have consistently chosen executives over senators because of this. Honestly, among the four on the presidential tickets, she’s the most qualified to actually lead the free world.

The American’s people reception of Palin has been positive, unlike Biden’s reception, and that’s apparent in the polling.

What is even more telling is that the part of the Republican Party that John McCain turns off—people like me whose primary concerns are the conservative platform—are once again invigorated over having a true fiscal, defense, and social conservative like her on the ticket. John McCain may have been able to win without our support, but he is definitely going to win with it.

Science v. Religion

August 28, 2008

I like the debate that is going on about evolution, or really, the proper roles of science and religion.

Let me break this down, to try and make my points clearer.

On the side of religion, you have faith, and faith is a necessary and critical part of religion. Faith is believing and acting without a sure knowledge. We who are Christians come to the Christian way of life without knowing who Christ is and without understanding God’s plan for us, but we put our trust in Diety. I think that’s true for the new believer and the life-long Christian.

On the side of science, you have observation and knowledge, the exact opposite of faith. In fact, in many ways, science is the anti-faith. In other ways, science is simply faith that God is logical and therefore his universe is logical and therefore logic can be used to understand His universe. Regardless, the operation of science is such that faith is excluded, by definition. (more…)

Democrats Fail—Again

August 26, 2008

I don’t have enough time to document all the failures of the democrats this year, so let me outline the biggest ones.


How’s your English?

August 25, 2008

After dinner on a farm in England the farmer insisted on showing me his prize winning tupps. As this would require walking where there wasn’t a footway through the coppice where there had been some recent snigging, we donned our wellies and set off for the east side of Steven’s flash. It was a stroll on a fell, and then into some very wet fens due to the sharp showers. They were some prize tupps, as they had received a naught point 9 at the last show.

While we were viewing the tupps, we heard a commotion and cast our torch onto two yobs that were fly tipping. The farmer summoned the authorities with his mobile. The yobs tried to leave in their Clio, but due to tired tyres they were unsuccessful. When authorities arrived they dispatched the yobs to gaol and lifted the Clio onto a lorry for disposal.

Upon our return the farmer’s wife treated us to some of the best spotted dick I have ever tasted!

It was an exhausting evening and I elected to lie in the next morning missing the forced eggs, whortleberries, and cowcumbers.

We went to market that afternoon. It was so crowded that there were queues everywhere. When I tried to order a rolled burger with rocket, I had to wait forever. The farmer, being more savvy, ordered neets and tuttles with his bangers and got much better service. It appeared that a shortage of crisps was holding up the service! The still water that was served with my rolled burger was lovely!

Dear John McCain,

August 14, 2008

Dear John McCain,

You have the opportunity to bring the GOP back to where it should be, the party of trust, honesty, and American pride. You have the unique ability to bring the conservative and moderate elements of the party together on issues they agree with and see that those issues are moved forward at the expense of our common political enemies.

If you name a strong conservative as VP, then I will know that, like Reagan so many years ago did when he named a moderate as VP, that you are going to work to keep the Republican Party a party where both conservatives and moderates can work together on their common issues. I don’t mind sharing power with the moderates. I hope the feeling is mutual.

Name a very conservative VP, someone whom Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin would get excited about, and I will open my wallet. I suggest Mitt Romney, but I know there are several others who are just as worthy and just as capable and just as deserving of my support.

You don’t have to agree on every issue with me. Just nominate a VP that is everything you are not in the spectrum of the Republican Party.

Dino Rossi interviews Red State

August 13, 2008

How to take over a smaller country

August 9, 2008

Note that these are plans for how to take over a smaller country, which is something the US hasn’t done since its emperial days before WWI. The goals of the conflicts that the US has been in since then have always been something different.

Pre-WWI: Move your troops in, claim the land, and subdue any natives who complain.

Pre-WWII: Claim an ethnic kinship with the inhabitants, claim that you are righting some wrong, and move in with your troops, subduing anyone who disagrees. Slaughter those who don’t share that ethnic kinship.

Post-WWII: Move your people in, but don’t integrate. When the population is sufficiently large, start agitating for independence. When the legitimate government puts down the rebellion, claim oppression and send your troops in.

It seems Russia is using the post-WWII tactics to take over Georgia before Georgia is admitted to NATO.

The Russians are counting on two things.

First, they expect the UN security council to do nothing. So far, that is a well-founded expectation. When confronted with the conflict, the security council has so far promised to think about it.

Second, they expect that the US, Georgia’s closest ally, will do nothing. I am hoping this won’t prove true. For starters, it would mean that being an ally of the US means nothing.

Judging by the way the White House is talking, it is very likely we will either see Russia back down shortly or American assets being moved in to Georgia if they are not there already.

I don’t know what Russia is thinking by starting a war with a close US ally at this time. Perhaps they believe that they can survive until Obama is sworn in and then enjoy at least 4 years of pandering. Judging by the polls of today, this isn’t as likely as it used to be.

Or perhaps they feel that the US is overcommitted to Iraq and Afghanistan and can’t afford to spare any significant fighting force in that area of the world. This is erroneous, since we are drawing down our troops in Iraq since there is no more enemy to fight there.

Maybe they have reassembled a strong enough coalition of Russia-friendly states that they can make the US appear foolish for defending an ally. I doubt that Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea and China are going to surprise anyone when they condemn the US doing what it does.

Or maybe they are giving cover to Iran so that they can get their nuclear weapons completed. Again, this is foolish since if there is going to be an Iran conflict, it is going to be led by the Israelis, not the US.

Or maybe Putin’s made a run of his power and is trying on last effort to keep his coalition together. Russia is desperate to be relevant again, and they are having an extremely hard time doing so.

Maybe the real reason is economic. Russia really wants to ship its oil out through Georgia, and Georgia refuses to allow them to do it for free.

Or maybe they’ve actually gone crazy in Moscow.

Endorse a criminal for office?

August 8, 2008

Pudge at Sound Politics examines a critical question: Who in their right mind would endorse a criminal currently sentenced to 1 year in jail? Why, the Democratic Party, the AFL-CIO, the WEA, and the teamsters. Birds of a feather… (link)

Russia v. Georgia

August 8, 2008

Russia and Georgia are quickly moving towards a hot war. (source)

From what I can gather, Georgia claims that Russia is sending their troops into South Ossetia to take over the region and perhaps all of Georgia. Russia claims that they are merely preventing genocide and the slaughter of the Russian citizens that live there.

President Bush and Prime Minister Putin of Russia are together in Beijing for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I doubt that they are having a friendly chat right now.

I’m glad that we have a strong president who has an iron will and an uncompromising attitude towards those who wish us ill. Perhaps words will end this conflict before we and the rest of NATO have to engage Russia in Georgia. If we do move into a full conflict, let it be known that it was Russia who violated Georgia’s sovereignty by moving their tanks and troops across the border.

From what I can tell, Russia, at least in its foreign politics, has long ago abandoned its pro-freedom stance. Today, they align themselves with China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and any other country where freedom is a scarce commodity and antagonism towards the US runs high. I don’t understand what they are thinking when the US is more than willing to embrace them with open arms as equal trading partners. I guess old KGB agents can’t give up their old ways.

Drill Now

August 7, 2008

Interesting points on oil:

  • More energy means a stronger economy means a stronger dollar means more employment and more economic choices for people. Less energy means a weaker economy, dollar, employment, and fewer economic choices. If you want to help the poor, you should be working to expand the energy supply in the US.
  • Oil’s unique properties make it the choice of practically everyone for transportation. As of now, there is no better alternatives despite massive investments over the past half century.
  • Oil is a clean, environmentally friendly fuel, compared to the alternatives.
  • More than half of Americans want to drill more in the US to reduce the price of gasoline. (source)
  • Republicans in the congress are making a scene right now out of Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to allow bills on the floor to do exactly what the people want.
  • Drilling for oil offshore reduces oil in the oceans, since the vast majority of oil in the ocean (99%) comes from seepage, not spills, and extracting that oil reduces the seepage. (source)
  • Using our own resources will limit the amount of money flowing into the pockets of our enemies, both states like Iran and organizations like Al Qaeda.

I don’t buy what the democrats are trying to sell.

  • Barack Obama believes that if we simply overinflate our tires, we can solve the energy crisis. Of course, his math is off, way, way off. (source)
  • Nancy Pelosi believes that even if we opened up exploration and extraction in the US, we wouldn’t see any benefits for 10 years, despite the fact that economists assert that even mentioning a plan to begin exploration and extraction in the US would immediately drive down the price of oil, since speculators aren’t stupid. As a practical example, when President Bush revoked the executive order that banned exploration and extraction, the price of oil immediately dropped.
  • Democrats assert that oil isn’t clean and friendly to the environment, without proposing any viable alternatives.
  • Democrats assert that there is some miracle technology that is yet to be discovered that will give us all the answers we need. There is a miracle technology, and it has already been discovered and refined and perfected, but it is called nuclear energy. (I can bore you to tears explaining why nuclear power is the perfect power, but I’ll pass at this moment.)

If energy is your major concern, that is, getting the energy you need to get to and from work, to get your job done at work, and to do things like enjoying your vacation at any place but home, then you’re going to have to make it a priority this year. Republicans have a real solution to the energy problem, and it looks pretty much like their solution to exorbitant long-distance telephone fees, which are now a distant memory of a forgotten past thanks to deregulation. It also looks like the solution to overpriced, unfriendly airline service, which is now also a thing of the past. What you pay today for telephone and airline service is but a fraction of what you paid before the republicans deregulated these industries.

I’ll make a prediction here, outlining two alternative futures.

In one future, democrats continue to persist in putting the environment in front of the children, and are driven out of office. Republicans take power once again, deregulate the energy market, and all of a sudden we are getting gasoline for about a buck a gallon while the economy grows at a very solid and optimistic rate. Your money is worth something again, and you are able to take a vacation every few years to exotic locations like Tahiti and Italy without taking a second mortgage out on your home.

In the other future, democrats once again bow to political pressure and implement the republican plans of deregulation, but do so in a half-hearted and incomplete way. Ten years down the road and once again we find ourselves in a stagnating economy with rising inflation and unemployment with democrats at the helm.