Whoopi Goldberg is an Idiot


Apparently Whoopi Goldberg believes that the Constitution of the United States would force all black people, or at least herself, to be a slave. Of course, that’s what the 13th Amendment was all about.

John McCain was trying to point out that he would appoint judges who were strict constructionalionists, namely, judges who looked at the constitution and the law and judged accordingly, rather than inventing decisions out of thin air.

Whoopi Goldberg demonstrated her absolute ignorance when she asked John McCain if she would be a slave again. John McCain initially ignored her. Where would you start with someone who was so ignorant of such an important issue in our history as slavery? As Whoopi Goldberg asked the question again, John McCain decided to give her a serious answer, and started by thanking her for her concern and expressing sympathy. But then the hosts interrupted him and wouldn’t let him answer.

Let me give the answer Whoopi needs to hear. I don’t know if this is well-understood by the segment of our population that needs to understand it most, so perhaps this can be the start of destroying ignorance on the topic.

Our Founding Fathers met to discuss making a new government after it was apparent that the first government was not working. This was before we had a constitution at all. Among the ideas they discussed, the topic of slavery was important. The northern states pretty much had already abolished slavery, but the southern states depended on it.

There were two important compromises–and victories for the abolitionists–won at the constitution convention.

First, the constitution states that the congress can make laws forbidding the importation and movement of slaves between states after 1808:

The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person.

The Founding Fathers, including those from the South, believed that after 1808, eventually one or the other side would control congress, and then they would write a law that would effectively stop the movement of slaves across state lines. This would starve the supply of the slave trade, and eventually, it would be impossible to run a business based on slavery.

The second compromise is that slaves were counted as 3/5 of a free person in the census. By simply counting the number of slaves, people would know to what extent slavery still existed. After all, if the South didn’t count slaves at all, they would lose representation in congress. If they counted them as a whole person, then they couldn’t be considered slaves. And if they counted them as 3/5s, then they would be telling the world exactly how many slaves they had and where. Banning production and ownership must first start with registering the production and location of that good. So the South had basically registered their slaves with the federal government, and been given a strong incentive to keep registering them.

Now, the next major bump in the road to freedom was the Dredd Scott decision by the Supreme Court. Before the Dredd Scott decision, there was an understanding among the states, encoded in federal law, that slaves could simply not be brought across state lines, else they would be immediately freed. When Dredd Scott was dragged across the border to a free state by his master, he was immediately granted freedom. But his master sued at the federal courts and won a decision that basically said that the agreement reached between North and South was invalid and could not be rewritten in that way.

While the Southern slave owners considered this a massive victory, all it really did was give birth to the Republican Party, a party founded on the abolition of slavery. A few years later, Abraham Lincoln is elected, the South secedes before he is even sworn into office, and then the Civil War erupts. During the Civil War, President Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation, which is read wherever there are slaves.

But, the slaves aren’t truly free yet. What had to happen was that the constitution had to free the slaves absolutely everywhere. And so an amendment was passed, the 13th Amendment, which not only banned slavery but involuntary servitude except as a punishment for a crime and by due process. Once the 13th Amendment was passed, no court could ever keep anyone in slavery or even involuntary servitude. (Interestingly enough, Sen. Obama’s plan to make a mandatory peace corps would violate the 13th Amendment.)

Now that the slaves were free, you would think it was a happy ending. Of course, it wasn’t. Bitter Southerners tried by hook and crook to keep the black citizens of the US as second-class citizems. These Southerners belonged to the Democratic Party, which had as its foundation the keeping of slavery alive. The Republicans, however, were universally pro-integration and pro-equality, and began punishing the South for whatever screwy idea they came up. This is why you can’t charge people to vote or ask them to take a test before they are allowed to cast a ballot. It’s just a few of the screwy things the democrats asked blacks to do in order to get the right to vote.

Fast forward a few years, and we are thrust into WWI and WWII. During this time, democrats take power promising socialism for all. And with that power they begin anew their campaign to destroy the black race. We get abortion clinics, designed by Margaret Sanger to eliminate the black race through attrition. We get various segregation, “separate but equal”. The Supreme Court, driven by strict constitutionalists of the same stripe McCain wants to appoint, are at war with the racists and bigots that run the Democratic Party, ruling that these things they want are anti-constitutional. Except in rare cases, such as the Plessy decision which brought us court-sanctioned segration (and the sole dissenter was a republican), the court largely battles the democrats.

Enter in the republican president, Dwight. D. Eishenhower, and for the first time in a very long time the executive branch is used to bring an end to racism in the South. Enter in Martin Luther King, Jr. and other activists, and the southern segregationalists are finally driven out of the Democratic Party, to be reborn and reformed as state’s rights activists in the Republican Party. Since the Republican Party wanted a more federal and less national government by this time, which the segregationalists largely agreed with, they abandoned the rest of the democrat platform when that issue was lost.

However, it bears repeating that the socialist programs introduced by the Democratic Party, things like welfare and food stamps, have done more to destroy the black race than any other thing. Today, the black population in America is largely fatherless, ridden with crime, poor, and undereducated, and we can only thank socialist policies for that.

Today, the last generation of the old segregationalists has pretty much died out. If you are a racist today, you won’t find any welcome from the Republican Party, or for the Democratic Party, for that matter. However, if you advocate racists policies, such as Affirmative Actions or black supremecy, then you have a natural neighbor in the Democratic Party. So, you end up with a weird situation where the Republican Party absorbed all the racists but is not racist, and the Democratic Party has chased them out and become more racist.

In this context, Whoopi Goldberg’s question to John McCain is absolutely idiotic for several reasons.

One, even if you were black and lived in the time of slavery, that didn’t mean you were a slave. Slavery wasn’t an issue of skin color, and never was. You were a slave if you were owned by someone else, no matter what whose skin color was. So even if John McCain advocated the reinstitution of slavery, a rich woman like Whoopi Goldberg would never become a slave.

Two, the difference between abortion and slavery is that slavery was banned through an amendment to the constitution which not even the Supreme Court can change. Abortion was decided as a decision based on no text of the constitution, but a long line of previous decisions. That is, the decision was made by 9 people in black robes, not the entire country.

Three, we have more risk of seeing slavery re-introduced if we appoint judges who are not strict constructionalists. These are the types of judges who see things that are not there, and can’t see things that are. A strict constructionalist would read the 13th Amendment, look up the definition of the words in the legal dictionaries of the time, and then apply the case to those parameters. Since the amendment is so succinct and clear, even to the lay-reader of the constitution, there is no chance that a strict constructionalist would ever interpret it to mean anything but what we think it means.

Four, the party that has been most adamant in combatting modern slavery has been the Republican Party. President Bush’s international push to fight the sex-slave industry, which exploits women and children, President Bush’s international push to end slavery in the Middle East and Africa, as well as his push to topple totalitarian regimes where everyone is a slave, are examples of how republicans have been fighting slavery with words and deeds. The Democratic Party has largely tried to subvert the Republican Party’s efforts in these areas by discrediting the Bush administration or questioning their motives.

Five, the Democratic Party has been trying to re-introduce slavery but under a different name. They call it “tax the rich” or “regulation”. But what we see is that we are paying more and more money to the government and seeing less and less of it for ourselves. If a slave is someone that works for the benefit of others with little or no compensation, then the democratic agenda of ever-increasing spending on social programs at the expense of the taxpayer, then they are working towards enslaving the taxpayer for the benefit of everyone else.

4 Responses to “Whoopi Goldberg is an Idiot”

  1. Judy Barnes Says:

    Truly, Whoopi Goldberg continues to show what an idiot and racist she is every time she opens her mouth.

  2. Jim Watts Says:

    Even more incredulous, she thinks the Apollo moon landing was staged in a Hollywood studio.


  3. Jonathan Gardner Says:

    Apparently she believes that drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl isn’t “rape-rape” too.

  4. Getoverit Says:

    After watching Whoopi’s Comments today about Obama having to prove that he was born in the US has made me realize that she is NOTHING more than someone who is simply Racist and nothing more than a black scorned woman for whatever reason!! She has never been a slave, nor were her parent nor her grandparents. My great grandfather was from Ireland. I should be pissed about the potato famine I suppose.. I don’t care what color you are, but I do care about people in general. We are people, we are Americans, and we just happen to be black, white, red, yellow etc. It seems to me that Whoopi has not suffered from being black.

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