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Why is Israel Mistreated?

January 8, 2009

Mark Knapp on his blog posts an article from the Wall Street Journal, The Jews Face a Double Standard. It points out a number of ways that the nation of Israel is treated unfairly in print and popularity.

I, too, have often wondered why articles and news reports are so biased. I think the answer is obvious. We are only human. I mean, we are creatures who aren’t ruled by logic and reason or fairness and justice or even mercy. We are only human.

I don’t have any hope to hear an unbiased or fair word from anyone. That makes me, I guess, a cynic and a skeptic when it comes to reporting.

I wish we spent our time in elementary, junior/middle, and high school teaching children that there are a lot of liars in the world, and you have to learn for yourself how to judge truth from error. But we don’t. Even in college, unless you take one of those hard science courses that actually shows you how to evaluate statements reasonably, you don’t get that kind of message.

That’s why, I believe, Americans are dumb. Not because of religion or because of republicans, but because our schools are so badly broken we can no longer fix them.

Instead, we live in a world where Barack Obama can promise to balance the budget and increase spending and give “tax cuts” to people who don’t pay taxes and the majority of the population doesn’t understand the contradiction to there. We live in a world where if you saw it on TV or on the internet, it must be true.

We live in a world, apparently, where capitalism has never worked and communism has never failed, so our solution to the economic crises we face today is more communism and less capitalism.

We live in a world, apparently, where President Bush has been seizing civil liberties without control, and has been trying to start wars wherever he can to profit his buddies. Oh, and President Bush is apparently the dumbest president and the evilest mastermind we’ve ever had, all at the same time.

We live in a world, apparently, where if something is broken, we should simply give it to the federal government because they do such a wonderful job with everything.

We live in a world, apparently, where rich greedy people should be punished, despite the fact that these rich greedy people are paying everyone’s paychecks and buying all the stuff we produce and writing all the loans we need to buy our houses.

We live in a world, apparently, where you can’t be charitable and demand that government get out of the charity business at the same time.

We live in a world, apparently, that is experiencing the devastating effects of Global Warming while the earth cools and the ice caps grow, and the polar bears are on the brink of extinction because there are more polar bears now than ever in recorded history. Oh, and carbon dioxide is the leading cause of global warming and a poisonous toxin we must completely remove from our environment.

We live in a world, apparently, where government-run public schools can do no wrong, despite the fact they have yet to do anything right, where teacher’s unions are in it “for the children” despite the fact they have yet to go on strike to ensure a single child gets an education, where private schools that actually educate the children for free are the enemy.

We live in a world, apparently, where republicans were slaveowners and democrats freed the slaves, where republicans were turning on the firehoses while democrats who had congress and the White House were trying their darnedest to overturn overtly racist supreme court rulings but couldn’t manage for one reason or another. (Maybe it was the republicans in the minority who took time off of spraying down the black man to vote down the civil rights bills and amendments?

We live in a world, apparently, where the tiniest hint of corruption is grounds for impeachment for a republican, but ongoing and systematic bold corruption is considered business-as-usual for a democrat and isn’t a proper topic for debate.

We live in a world, apparently, where the only thing worse than being a redneck who doesn’t abort your Down’s Syndrome baby is being a woman who is actually quite intelligent, powerful, and capable, and especially a person who takes this God thing seriously. And the only thing worse than that is having the audacity to think that you are qualified to be the vice-president of the United States after two years as the governor of a major state when your opponent’s presidential candidate’s crowning executive experience was being a “community organizer”.

We live in a world, apparently, where ignorance is bliss, making the average voter probably the happiest person on earth. And if you come out and say, “If you don’t pay attention, you probably shouldn’t vote” you’re some kind of racist or worse.

And we live in a world, apparently, where keeping arms away from law-abiding citizens makes us all safer.

But that isn’t the real world. You wouldn’t know it if you took what the news had to say about the world literally. You’d have to go out and read books and think and discuss your thoughts, which actually requires real work.