Slave Begs her Master for a House


Another thought on the free house Obama found for the homeless woman: (link)

Since when is it acceptable for an American to ask the president for something? The president is the servant of the people, not the other way around.

This reminds me of a different type of relationship: slave/master or serf/noble.

My ancestors fought and died so that woman and her family could have the freedom to be free. Now she is selling herself and her family short by willingly becoming a slave or a serf for the government.

I want no part of it. I will never beg anyone for anything I can provide myself. I only demand (not beg) he live up to his sacred oath to preserve and defend the constitution.


17 Responses to “Slave Begs her Master for a House”

  1. Eric E. Says:

    He has already broken his Oath to the Constitution by naming Rahm Emmanuel as the “Census Czar”. The Constitution assigns that to Congress. Congress has assigned it to the Secretary of the Commerce Department. Issuing orders from the White House to do this ANY OTHER WAY is a breach of the separation of powers the Founders established.

    But… don’t look for the media to call him on it. Ever.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Right on.

      I ought to write a post about how democrats formulate their policy. Step 1: Think of something you want to do. 2. Try to phrase it in a way that makes it look like you are really helping the little guy even though you are not. 3. Try to do it in a way that doesn’t offend the constitution too much. 4. If 2 or 3 are too hard to keep, then just do it anyway, but do it quietly.

  2. gus Says:

    Everyone will have free houses. Soviet style
    We will all have cars.
    It’s going to be great. Our leader will have statues and parades.
    I can’t wait.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      People forget that FDR wanted to socialize housing. Perhaps Obama intends to limit how much house we can buy just like the spendulus will limit what kinds of medical treatment we are allowed to receive.

  3. Lincoln Duncan Says:

    She was not “begging”; she wanted Obama do something about the two-year waiting list for housing from the housing authority. Someone else helped her out; there’s nothing wrong with that and you need to inject humanity into your thinking, which strikes me as pure unalloyed ideology.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Why the heck was she on a waiting list for a house? Since when did we become Communist Russia that you sign up for a waiting list for your own home?

      Didn’t someone tell her that you can’t rely on government for anything? No, she’s been born and bred in this culture where if you want something, you have to win it at the lottery or get it from mama government because you certainly can’t get ahead with your own hard work and ingenuity.

      This is important because this is not the foundation of America. The foundation of America is you are born equal with all others, and you have within yourself the capacity to work and build and create wealth. You don’t owe anyone anything and they don’t owe you. You can live with your brain and your own two hands and you don’t have to rely on anyone else to keep you safe or employed or anything.

      We Americans fled from those societies where the only way up was to stick your hand out and hope someone higher up the chain would feel a bit of pity on you. If you want to go back to that state of living, Cuba and Zimbabwe would be glad to have another serf to call their own.

      Yes, she is the embodiment of a slave or a serf, and Obama is her master. She is not an independent, free-thinking, self-reliant American.

  4. wodiej Says:

    My first inclination is that no one should have to live in their vehicle. It would be interesting to find out how old her son is. I didn’t watch the town hall but the woman sounded too old to work. How did they get in their situation etc?

    Unfortunately the booming economy also produced more lazy people who got on the dole. Now that the market is bottoming out and jobs are scarce, people are whining. God wants people to work hard and be self reliant. What they should do is send this woman and her son somewhere to learn to be independent. I hope the WH gets bombarded w requests for free housing now.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      How did they get in their situation etc?

      Honestly, that’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter how you got to where you are, it matters what you are doing about it. In the case of this woman, rather than try and make herself useful, she whines and begs.

      What they should do is send this woman and her son somewhere to learn to be independent.

      The best school is the school of hard knocks. Unfortunately, by handing out freebies by extorting it from hardworking Americans, they are preventing this woman and her son from learning life’s most important lessons. If they had approached an American charity organization, you can be sure that those looking after the woman wouldn’t be giving stuff away for free, but teaching the woman that she is valuable and she can contribute to the overall wealth and happiness of the country.

  5. Gwen Says:

    To all you right-wing full-of-sour-grapes whackos I only have two words – “Up Yours”.

    Obama is trying to undo the mess left by the Village Idiot (W – in case you forgot) and all you can do is gripe, complain and whine. Get over it. You lost.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      So, to undo the problems caused by government spending, Obama intends to spend even more than W? Yeah, that’s a brilliant plan.

      And yes, you did win. You’ll be responsible for the economic mess that his spending bill will cause. When the economy really tanks, we’ll know who to blame.

  6. danfromatlanta Says:

    This was all staged! I have no doubt that this woman has problems, but I am certain beyond all doubt, that she was planted there by the obama administration to deliver her sob story on national TV. obama wanted to use this woman as a prop to try to convince us that the economy is truly in need of his new deal porkulous spending as well as an opportunity to pose as the benevolent messiah. Bleeding heart liberals eat this stuff up, but those of us that are tired of having our pockets picked by compassionate politicians get fired up! If liberals weren’t so busy raping us for wealth to “spread around”, then we would have more money to send to legitimate charities that do a muich better job of taking care of the Henriettas of the world!

  7. Steve Harris Says:

    What is wrong with you people. This is why people hate America and Americans, we only think of ourselves unless were able to make a fast buck!! I would love to know if any of you were to find yourself in dire needs should someone help you. Try one time helping Americans instead of spending all our money in Iraq or some other country we blew up!! God Bless You all because seeing this stuff being written, lord knows you need it.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      You got it all wrong. We Americans are more charitable than any other nation on earth, per capita, by far. Republicans are more charitable than democrats by far. Christians in the US are far more charitable than non-Christians, by far. I have got nothing against charity—private charity. When you have a community of people helping each other out, that is a community that is the ideal community I want to live in. That’s the community me and my church are trying to build. We call it Zion, the pure in heart.

      What this woman is doing is destructive. She isn’t turning to her community. She isn’t trying to be productive so she can help people in her community. She is not helping to build that kind of loving and compassionate community we all want to live in. She is living her life in a way that she expects government to go out, with threat of force, take money from other people and give it to her. That’s sick and twisted and wrong. She would rather live as a slave or serf, and not as a free American. She wants Obama to be a kind of benevolent king, rather than live free and subject to the laws of nature and God.

  8. Gwen Says:

    Chene Thompson, the woman who offered to let Henrietta live in her unoccupied house, was on the radio yesterday and emphasized that she and her husband are “god-fearing republicans”.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I don’t mind people helping each other out. I just mind people who stick their hand out and expect their government to help them when they are capable of helping themselves or getting help from people around them.

  9. To Huffington Post « Federal Way Conservative Says:

    […] To Huffington Post By Jonathan Gardner I wrote an incendiary article. (link) […]

  10. Robin Says:

    Why do the headlines read “Obama helps homeless woman” when in fact the Republican representative’s wife did?!

    Obama did nothing but stage this whole thing for publicity and more “evidence” that hard-working taxpayers MUST give their money to
    people who refuse to work and sponge off of whoever feels sorry for them, or is forced by ignorant politicians to part with money they EARNED.

    More Obamanation. I, among others, am totally disgusted.

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