Hitting a Nerve


To socialists, the rich are the work animals on the farm. They are expected to continue to toil day-in and day-out, put their own capital at risk, and profit no matter what kind of environment they are put in. Those profits are to be seized along with their assets and put to “good use”, or to do that which the rich would never use them for, such as rewarding bad behavior and punishing the rich with stupid regulations designed simply to make life hard for the rich.

When the rich decide to stop working so hard, socialists begin to see the fallacy of their plan. Or maybe it’s when they see tax revenues dry up. If not then, then perhaps when they realize they have no more money to borrow and every dollar they print hurts those whom they are trying to help.

This is America, and in America, socialism isn’t tolerated. It’s high time we threw off the structures of socialism everywhere we find them, from the smallest to the greatest governments in our land.

Socialism is present in many forms. The first form is in progressive taxes. Progressive taxes, as opposed to regressive taxes, are taxes that put a greater burden on the rich than on the poor. If we want to end socialism, we have to ban progressive taxes. We should adopt, exclusively, regressive taxes that put a huge strain on the poor. This is the way we will keep taxes low. If the government intends to raise tax revenues by raising tax revenues, they will crush the poor class to powder and the poor will revolt and demand lower taxes.

The common retort to “Soak the rich” is going to be “Soak your head in a bucket” or “Let’s soak you!

The second form of socialism is the government handout. It’s time we ended any and all handouts in whatever form they take. The substance of the handout is money or services given in exchange for nothing. You might call this “charity”, but it is nothing of the sort. Charity is when one man helps another out of the pure love of Christ within their hearts. Governments and even corporations are cold, heartless bureaucracies incapable of anything but the appearance of love. They should have no part in handing out cash since their motives are always less than charitable.

We end the handouts by banning all the social work that local, state, and the federal governments are involved in. No longer will there be food stamps or welfare checks or unemployment insurance or child health subsidies. This is because these programs are not charity, but an evil system designed to enslave people to the government by getting them addicted to handouts and encouraging them to live a life of dependence on the government.

I would even go so far as to banning free police and fire services. If you want the policeman or fireman to protect your house for you, you are going to have to buy police insurance or fireman insurance from private contractors, the same way you would buy flood or life insurance. Here, too, we cannot have a people who first turn to their government for anything. In fact, the American way has always been to take responsibility for your own security and keeping your own neighborhood peaceful. The modern policeman with weak, incapable citizens is an invention of the 1940’s and wholly un-American.

The final form of socialism is the politician who promises anything less than complete and totally equitable treatment under the law. We can never write a law that will make crooked politicians straight. If you admit that the War on Drugs is a lost cause, then you should definitely admit that the War on Political Corruption is even more of a lost cause. We should immediately free up political speech, allowing people to freely speak, publish, or broadcast their message with money from any source. If the rich want to “buy” elections by informing the voting public, so be it. It’s just as easy for the other rich to compete in the market of ideas. Government should have no role in determining who is corrupt and who is not. That is for the people to decide.

We have already made great strides in punishing socialism with initiatives such as Prop 13 in California that limit taxes and spending. We need to go further and end the practice of the progressive tax, the government (or even corporate) handout, and limited political speech. As a people, we can demand that our governments change since we are the authors and finishers of the governments around us. Let us do it.


6 Responses to “Hitting a Nerve”

  1. demo_kid Says:

    Nice to see that you’re admitting to it all.

    Still, I think you should just go out, line up poor people and shoot them. I maintain that it would be faster and far more honest.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Still, I think you should just go out, line up poor people and shoot them. I maintain that it would be faster and far more honest.

      What do you have against poor people that you want them shot?

      I simply want to make them rich.

  2. demo_kid Says:

    Hardly. You’re more interested in your own fundamentalist ways. If someone falls to the side, you’re more than willing to leave them behind on your Great March.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      My fundamentalism is simply that all Americans are equal and need not be made equal through punishing the rich and subsidizing the poor. My fundamentalism is a minimal government and a people who are held accountable to their God for how they spend their time here on earth.

      What is your fundamentalism? That we should take things from some people and give it to other people? That we should simply bow down and worship master government for allowing us the freedom to worship government?

  3. demo_kid Says:

    Better to enjoy benefits provided from society to support all of us than beg at the feet of the wealthy if fortunes turn on you. You’re not representing freedom; you’re merely replacing government in this equation with the whims of the rich.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Better to enjoy benefits provided from society to support all of us than beg at the feet of the wealthy

      Excuse me, aren’t the rich as much a part of society as the poor? Isn’t the rich the very support structure we count on to be there to help people get a leg up in life and to kickstart their hopes and dreams? If not for rich investors, where would all of our great success stories be?

      On the other hand, name one great success of government. One. There isn’t any. There has never been a spending bill ever written—except the spending bills to fund wars to end oppression and tyranny—that has created one iota of success where there wasn’t any to begin with. On the other hand, it was the rich who funded Yahoo!, Google, and Amazon.com. It was the rich who turned ideas into reality, and made it profitable.

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