Making Liberals Feel Bad About Liberalism


Listening to Rush today on the way to volunteering at Highline Community College, I heard Rush comment that he knows how to make liberals conservatives, and he was going to tell us what we need to do. I always give Rush the benefit of a doubt, and so I turned my ear to listen closely.

His point was simply this: Liberals are liberal because they want to feel good about themselves and what they stand for. It feels nice to say, “I want to help the poor, the sick, the criminal, the outcast, etc!” Liberals don’t see, however, what effect their politics has on the poor, the sick, the criminal, the outcast, and so on. Instead, the party masters make double sure that they never see any of the negative consequences of liberalism. They are, after all, rubes, manipulated by those who simply want power for power’s sake.

So how do you fight against that? Well, you make liberals feel bad about being liberal. You point out to them the natural consequence of liberalism with real examples of real suffering. You connect it to their politics and their votes and their choices. The ideal would be something like, “This little girl died because she couldn’t get medical care because Barack Obama created a system where there were simply no doctors or money to help her.” In other words, “You voted for Barack Obama, he deprived her of medical care, she died. YOU killed the girl because your voted for Obama.”

It’s actually quite easy to do this for any tragedy. Natural tragedies are bad, but humans, especially conservatives, pitch in and help. So the disasters become really great things with humanity on display in its best colors. That is, as long as people are free to do so, they will. But when government comes in and takes money away from the rich and tells doctors who they’re going to see and what kind of medicine they can proscribe, why, that’s when the problems really start.

Conservatives are all about feeling good about themselves as well. It’s just that we don’t buy all the crap shovelled across the airwaves every day on the old-stream media. We listen to Barack Obama promising to halve the deficit but triple spending and we realize, at the very moment he says those words, that he is lying. See, we think. We use that thing in between our ears to see that our compassions actually arrive at the intended recipient. We understand that there are evil people out there and they are trying to take away our freedoms because they are evil, and we don’t want to allow them to do that.

Conservatives can easily carry this message, since we are the group that goes out and gets things done. For instance, I went to Highline today to lecture and demonstrate all about Web Services. That’s real benefit that is going to help those students make wise choices as they plan out their future websites and build web applications and services. That’s something that I created out of thin air since they wouldn’t have gotten that instruction otherwise. I didn’t need government to tell me to go tell those students about Web Services. It’s in my very nature to help. It’s in the very nature of all conservatives to help. In fact, our jobs are just a means to an end. We work to make money so that we can feed, clothe, and shelter our kids, and then when that’s done, we naturally draw out and try to help the guys around us find the money to feed, clothe, and shelter their kids. We don’t need government to tell us to do that because we simply do that on our own.

I want to solicit real-life stories of how liberalism has injured, killed, or impoverished people. Look for examples of how the government got in the way and made people who would normally help run away for fear. At the same time, share examples of real heart-warming help and assistance where government played no role at all, and indeed, never could.


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