Obama’s Hitler Youth


Have you bought your gun yet? Can you shoot it accurately under pressure?

These are the goons that will be knocking on your door at midnight to take you away to the re-education camps in railway cars.

Am I worried? Heck yeah. Is this over-reaction? If I told you, in the beginning of Hitler’s movement, that the very youth he was training would grow up to run the gas chambers that slaughter millions of Jews, you wouldn’t believe me. You wouldn’t believe that Hitler, who was so nice and full of compassion for his people would slaughter the Jews so horrifically. And you wouldn’t believe that those nice, regimented youth would be the ones to do it.

You can either regret that you didn’t pay attention after the fact, or you can take action now to ensure that it never happens in the first place. Obama’s youth program is an abomination and must never come to fruition. These people must be discouraged from joining it. Obama must never be allowed to raise a civil army, nor be allowed to take one hour of time from our youth in indoctrination.

More at Gateway Pundit.


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