Why Choose to Be a Conservative?


Christopher Brownell at American Thinker ponders, “Why be a conservative?”

Why would I choose to be a conservative?  Why would I choose the persecution?  I am constantly ridiculed for my beliefs.  I have been compared to Nazis.  Liberals call me a sexist, racist, bigoted homophobe.  My intentions are mischaracterized, and then I am judged by those mischaracterized intentions.  For example, because I favor policies to help get everyone off of welfare to succeed on their own, my intentions are characterized as trying to keep blacks and minorities poor.  These liberals then brand me a racist because they perceive my intentions are to keep blacks poor.

He outlines, brilliantly, four core philosophies that demand conservatism. They are, (1) that our rights come from God, not government, (2) that God gives the power of government through the people, (3) that men are not angels, and thus require restraints by government, and (4) since government is made of, by, and for men, it too will turn to evil and must be restrained.

I’ve never met a thoughful liberal. I’ve never met any liberal that can defend their core beliefs, or even, for that matter, define their core beliefs. Their philosophy, if it can be called that, is no better than sloganeering and following the latest fad in politics, no matter what the true effects of that fad would be. Liberals never tolerate debate since they cannot debate. They don’t know how to do it. Once they learn, they refuse to debate their beliefs at all.

If a man were to stand up today and proclaim, “Make me king and I will make you all rich, healthy, happy, and wealthy!” that man would be anointed king by the modern liberal. In fact, Barack Obama is nothing less than a king to most liberals. It doesn’t matter that there never was such a king who made such a promise and actually kept it. It doesn’t matter that prosperity, health, happiness and wealth are things which we must obtain for ourselves by our own action. Liberals will fall for this every time because it feels good and everyone is doing it.

What they ultimately don’t get is that a king is still a man. That king will, inevitably, turn to corruption and abuse of power. Soon, his subjects will find that they are not rich, healthy, happy, nor wealthy. They are poor, punished, imprisoned  peasants.

In fact, the horrors of Nazi Germany weren’t horrors because so many people were slaughtered. That wasn’t new in our world’s history. Plenty of races of men have been driven to extinction by governments in times past and in far more brutal a manner, so many so that it’s barely mentioned in history books.

The horror of Nazi Germany was that the so-called enlightened, modern, scientific man of the 20th century would stoop down so low so quickly to the barbarism of bygone eras. The horror was that such barbarism almost prevailed. The horror was that when people truly looked at the holocaust, they found themselves as capable of causing it as Hitler and his masses did. The horror was that in many cases, they not only tolerated it, but helped foment it with their liberal, modern policies of diplomacy over brute force.

The ultimate horror was the realization that government was a necessary evil, and that it needed to be strong, ruthless, and cruel to those who have no law, rather than pandering and accommodating. And among the things government must govern was itself, with strong chains that bound it strictly within its own realm, never to be released. It was the modern liberal seeing the fruits of their labors, and realizing, finally, what the fuss was all about. It was seeing that only America had the answer to the brutal nature of man and his governments.

To the conservative, we see these things and wonder what the surprise is. Of course, a mad dictator is going to abuse his people in the most atrocious way imaginable. Of course, a benevolent government quickly turns into a ruthless engine of war without the appropriate constraints. Of course, taxes are oppression in every form. Of course, the road to liberty doesn’t go through tyranny. We know these things either because we are smart enough to see the human race for what it really is, or we have read enough real books on history to see it.

We, unlike the liberal, can defend our philosophy with sound arguments and practical examples throughout history.


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