Racist Sotomayor MUST Resign


If Sonia Sotomayor really believes skin color and ethnicity has anything to do with a person’s ability to judge fairly, then she is a racist. Our country has abandoned racism a long time ago, or so I had hoped.

If she truly feels like she is superior in any way because of her ethnic heritage, she should resign immediately because she is a racist bigot.

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Contact info for our senators is above. They have the power to stop this nomination and ask President Obama to choose someone who doesn’t believe race and ethnicity have a bearing on a person’s character and qualifications.

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3 Responses to “Racist Sotomayor MUST Resign”

  1. rebelliousvanilla Says:

    I knew I should write my take on this before I went to bed. Now you stole the center idea of my post :(

  2. Tom Fiori Says:

    This country has been sinking for a while. The only difference, recently, is that we’ve been sinking faster than usual. So much chatter about what is happening all around us… if the purpose is to “vent” then we’re probably better off just sucking it up. “We the people” are powerless just like our government likes it. Anyone who disagrees please go ahead and change things… by all means. Please don’t mention that 4 letter word “vote”… LOL as if our vote counts.

    On a lighter note… did you hear the one about the corporation that obtained $30,000,000,000 so they could file bankruptcy? We are all aware that the Fed can’t be trusted with our tax dollars. Yet, were you aware that if one legally declared themselves a “citizen of their resident state” one no longer pays federal taxes? Starve the gluttonous bastards… we need a revolution anyway. Unless we are too “soft”.

    A vocally racist A.G. and a communist president wasn’t a two party tyranny enough??

    We called Islam a “hijacked” religion…. far worse is the USA has been hijacked. I hope all of the above hasn’t shocked anyone. A good friend of mine was in the service and part of the attempt to capture Bin Laden. When they were extremely close to capturing him our so called leaders scrubbed the mission. LOLOLOLOLOL



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