For the Children


The anti-traditional marriage crowd is trying to intimidate the pro-traditional marriage crowd. (link) (link)

I believe that every child deserves a loving father and a mother. I believe that it is up to the State of Washington to see that children are only born or adopted by married couples, male and female, who will love and raise them righteously.

There is nothing more important to us or anyone than our children.

If you are an evolutionist, you must agree, since it is not the preservation of life that is important but the propagation of the species.

The homosexual marriage movement (I refuse to call it “gay”) is focused on diminishing marriage until it is nothing more than a selfish contract between two consenting adults. They are trying to destroy the one thing in our society that protects children and brings lasting happiness to justify their perversions of the flesh.

Marriage is much more than a contract. It is a sacrament, a holy ordinance, and a sacred consecration of the entire persons to each other. The reason why man and wife join to become one is not to pleasure each other with the flesh, but to raise up a righteous family built on love. The reason why it is so hard is because unless both the husband and the wife give everything they have into it, unselfishly and without any expectation of reward, they cannot experience success. It takes faith to get married, faith to stay married. Faith that although things are not perfect, they can be perfect if we simply never give up.

There is no other place in any society where you can go to get the kind of love and growth you get in your family. It is the duty of every man, woman, and child to not only support the holy institution of marriage, but become a husband and wife, a mother and father through it. This, and nothing else, will bring lasting, eternal happiness. All is naught compared to what you get in marriage.

When my name gets listed at and, I will wear it like a badge of honor. I am willing to sacrifice all that I can to see that the State of Washington stands up for traditional, holy matrimony. I want to be known as those who are listed are known as defenders of marriage. I want to be insulted and threatened and harassed by those who have lost all sense of good and evil, and pursue evil endlessly.

Go to right now and sign up and donate. I’ve already given $100.00. I’ve already volunteered to gather signatures.


2 Responses to “For the Children”

  1. Jeffrey Liakos Says:

    What about children that have same-sex parents? Why should we as a society get to decide what rights minorities can and cannot enjoy legally?

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