To Iran:


It is apparent that democracy in Iran is a sham.

If you are Iranian and believe in democracy, the time is right now to pick up your arms and fight. The time for talking is over. The future is in your hands, individually and collectively. You will need to shed the blood of tyrants and oppressors, and you must be willing to give your own blood for the future of your country. You have given every opportunity to your leaders to allow for the peaceful transition of power from the Mullahs to the people. They have refused. The time for talk and voting is over.

To the regime in Iran: Your term is over. It is up to you to step aside and allow the people a free and fair election. Should you choose to impose your government by force, we will send weapons and military advisers across the borders to your east and west. We share a responsibility for creating you, so we have a duty to un-make you.

We will also gladly shoot down whatever military assets we have sold you in the past that you mobilize against your people. Those were sold to you to keep your country safe from aggressors that surrounded you, not to slaughter your own people.

You did not help us restore peace and order in Iraq, so we will not help you restore peace and order in Iran. You sent spies and terrorists across the border, we shall send military advisers in uniform.

We are more than willing to host truly free and fair elections, because by so doing, we will ensure that there will be one less country funding terrorism and trying to develop weapons that can hurt innocent people around the world.

God speed.

To North Korea: You have just moved to the top of the list. Once Iran is done, then you are next.



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