My Immigration Reform Plan


Here’s my immigration reform plan.

The plan is to eliminate socialism from the country. Then we don’t care who crosses our borders as long as they keep our laws and are here to work. The immigration department would simply keep track of who’s in the country and not a citizen, and perform background checks to ensure that we’re not admitting communist party officials and other people who intend to overthrow our society.

The road to citizenship is long and complicated. They have to be nominated for citizenship by someone who is a citizen in good standing and who knows them well by affidavit. Then they get ten other citizens in good standing to similarly write such an affidavit. After that, they stand before a grand jury to be interviewed and judged worthy or unworthy of citizenship. Once this has all been done, then they swear an oath to the founding principles of our country and an oath to sustain the constitution of the united states and the constitution of their state of residence.

The plan also involve purging the voter roles of everyone who doesn’t have naturalization papers or a birth certificate, and can prove that they are a resident of the state they are voting in. That means Barack Obama wouldn’t be able to vote. This part would need to be a constitutional amendment to the federal constitution.


3 Responses to “My Immigration Reform Plan”

  1. Brittancus Says:

    The costs for supporting illegal immigration will be astronomical to the American taxpayer, but not to the corporate world. Say–YES–to e-verify! Say–NO–to any AMNESTY. Call your Senator or Congressman. Digest more of the facts and unbiased truth at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH, CAPSWEB, and ALIPAC. At AMERICANPATROL, learn about the massive upsurge on illegal alien criminal activity.

  2. rebelliousvanilla Says:

    And remove the citizenship requirements for the stuff provided by the government. If I move there and am not a citizen, why should I pay taxes when I won’t have a benefit? Of course, I’m against the government doing that garbage to begin with, but if they won’t stop and just charge me for it… lol.

    And illegal immigration hurts. Legal one is beneficial.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Ideally, our government would have the lowest tax burden of any country in the world, or at least the most efficient tax burden. Yes, we have to abandon socialism to do so. If we simply had the most advantageous tax system by providing the best benefits for the cheapest cost, the entire world would beat a path to throw their money into our country.

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