Fathers, Tradition is Best


Just in time for Father’s Day, National Review Online’s W. Brad Wilcox publishes Five Myths of Fathers and Families. I highly recommend it.

Scientific research is showing that traditional values render the best results in the family. The five myths that are discussed in the article outline some of the most impressive traditional values and their effect on the family. The advice to fathers, based on scientific study, is:

  1. Get married and stay married.
  2. Be the breadwinner, but balance your time in the family.
  3. Be a loving, compassionate, but strict father.
  4. Play with your children the way that fathers do (ie, roughousing, challenging activities, etc…)

The net effects of doing the above are:

  1. Your wife will be happier, because she really wants to stay home and be with the kids.
  2. Your children will do better in life.
  3. Your teenagers are less likely to be suicidal or depressed.
  4. Your teenage girls will be less likely to engage in early sexual behavior.

In today’s world, if you stand for traditional values, such as traditional marriage and the traditional roles of gender in the family and society, you are labeled as a bigot and hatemonger homophobe by those who would tear these institutions down. In reality, you are building the foundation of a happy future for your children, your wife, yourself and your society.

I can tell you that as I’ve practiced traditional marriage, I’ve found my own self-worth improved and my happiness greatly improved. I can honestly say that I look forward to coming home to my children each day and the love for my wife has increased beyond my imagination. No, things are not perfect, but whenever there are problems, it is because I am deviating from my traditional or ideal roles in the family.


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