Peaceful Revolution Impossible in Iran


To my Iranian friends,

I doubt you will be able to read this message. Regardless, here’s my advice.

A peaceful revolution against a bloody regime is impossible. They will never cave in to peaceful demands. They only understand violence and force because they have lost their humanity. The moment a leader of a society decides that it is okay to use violence to suppress the masses, that is the moment they are no longer humans but tyrants.

Your leaders share more in common with Saddam Hussein than any peaceful and good leader in history. Saddam Hussein remained defiant until he was forcibly removed from office by the guns, bombs, missiles, and tanks of the coalition forces. He cowered in fear, hiding in one corner and then another, like a tiny cockroach. He was finally found hiding in a spider-hole. This leader met a just end, perhaps one too compassionate and kind, for the devil that he was.

Ayatollah Khomeini is no ayatollah. President Ahemedinajed is no president. These two, and those who support them, are corrupt, corrupted by the devil who teaches men to hate each other and to kill each other. The same devil who teaches people to hate love and love hate, that is their leader.

You are going to have to pick up arms. You are going to have to fight, to die, and to kill to win. Hopefully, you can do more killing than dying. This is the nature of revolutions against despots and tyrants. They only end in blood.

The American Revolution of 1776 wasn’t won by Americans alone. We had a lot of help from foreign powers and foreign fighters. Right now, you need a lot of help. Publicly petition for it. Call in the foreign powers. Call upon France, England, Germany, and every other nation who has a modern democracy built on respect for human life and compassion for the individual. Call upon the US, Canada, Japan and South Korea. We promise that we will leave your country better than we found it, the same way we left Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Iraq, as well as other countries.

Our president is a weak-willed, corrupt president who cannot distinguish right from wrong. However, he is also sensitive to the polls, and right now the polls tell him to overthrow Khomeini and support the revolution in Iran. Call upon the American people to save your future. We will answer, and make our president follow.


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