It’s On: US Troops Move in Iraq


President Obama finally declared that the US stands with everyone who exercises their God-given natural, unalienable rights to speech, assembly, and government. (link) He declared that we are watching, and any injury or death is inexcusable.

The Iranian regime is cracking down in a furious way. There is a video on the internet of a young girl shot in the throat and dies in front of the camera in the most horrific way imaginable. There is a picture of a fetus shot through. I have seen neither, and I refuse to do so. They exist, and that is enough.

The revolutionaries are not backing down, and the regime is trying to crack down on them. This is an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object scenario. At least we’ve declared our side with the unstoppable force.

Second bit of news: US troops in Iraq are on the move. Iraq declares victory in several key cities and the US troops hand off control to the Iraqi troops. (link) Interesting timing? I think so. Perhaps they are being reassigned to Afghanistan. They will have to march through Iran to get there, of course.

President Obama has made a statement that must be backed up by force in the short term. The United States people are overwhelmingly behind action in Iran. The rest of the world is as well. In our political system, a president or congress who tries to stop the overwhelming majority is always run roughshod over by the people. That is what happened. The people of the US blindsided President Obama’s “delicate” approach to the situation.


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