Find your Inner Kennedy, Obama


It is blatantly obvious that President Obama’s approach to foreign policy is failing in the worst way possible. In the few months since Obama has become president, our international relationships have degraded far beyond its low point under President Carter.

President Obama, it’s time to change course, shift gears, admit failure and “change”. Adopt President JFK’s, Reagan’s and Bush’s hard stance against our enemies. Issue ultimatums, move our troops around, threaten and carry out those threats against our enemies.

The cargo ship carrying North Korean missile components is a legitimate target since we are at war with North Korea. Sieze it today, capture the crew, and display what was on board for the world to see. Fly a few bombers over North Korea and bomb their missile launchpads. Be ready if they decide to strike South Korea by having standing orders to eliminate the North Korean emplacements the moment a single shot is fired. The North Koreans are incapable of carrying out any of their threats, for the time being. It’s time to call their bluff.

The Iranian regime must be deposed of. Fly a few sorties over the country, eliminating any Iranian air assets they deploy against you. That will rattle their cage. Line up our Iraq-based soldiers just across the Iranian border and announce a deadline of a matter of days for the violence to end.

These two actions will do more to keep our enemies in line than anything else. No words will melt the hearts of these sick rulers who drink the blood of their people and dull their senses with idiotic justifications. Only the immediate fear of death and the pangs of eternal hellfire can possibly inspire these people to behave appropriately.


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