Iranian Revolution Lives On


Fox News reported that the military in Iran refuses to fire on the protestors. This is tacit approval of the protestors, and perhaps will translate into the military turning their guns on their leaders.

From other sources, there are unconfirmed reports that the leading Ayatollahs are splitting from Khamenei. It is possible that the highest council of clerics will vote to remove him from office and install someone much more moderate.

It is also reported that the Iranian regime has taken President Obama’s carefully worded speech and intentionally mistranslated it as direct support of the protestors to destabilize Iran. This is why it doesn’t matter what we do, we will always be villified. We should only focus on doing what is right, and what is right is to do what we can to see that every body every where is free. In fact, if the Iranian regime believed what they are saying about President Obama, they would be far more restrained in how they would deal with this.


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