Can Obama’s Support Hurt the Protestors in Iran?


People who seem very smart are claiming that President Obama, and every other Western Country, should stay as far away from Iran as possible. See, if the protestors are seen as allying themselves with the US of A and other Christian countries, then that will delegitimize the movement and draw people to the wrong conclusion—that we are trying to bring Iran away from Islam.

If Ahmedinajed didn’t control what is shown on television, then I would agree with that statement.

But the fact is that we are already interfering with Iranian politics. See, we have already paid off and supported the leaders of the protestors. In fact, the entire thing was our plan from the beginning, and the Iranian people are too stupid to realize it. At least, that is what Ahmedinajed is saying to his people on TV, along with every other reporter and politician who are allowed to air their views on the issue.

That’s the problem with this theory. If butting out would actually mean the Iranian people wouldn’t be told we were butting in, then it may make sense to butt out. But it doesn’t matter what we do. We will still be blamed for supporting the movement to begin with.

Logically, if you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t, you might as well do what is best in your own interests. In this case, seeing the Ahmedinajed/Khameini regime topple is definitely in our interests. Seeing a democratic Iran where people have natural, unalienable rights and are allowed to choose their government and influence their politics is definitely in our interests. Not only will it make us feel good, but it will make us safer, since free societies don’t attack America with weapons and terrorists and nuclear weapons.


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