Solution to the Problem of Politics


Frank at IMAO has a proposed solution to the problem of politics: politicians. He proposes chloroform and chaining people to office, much like jury duty, except jury duty involves jail and not chloroform.

Of course he’s joking, somewhat.

Our Founding Fathers had already identified the problem of politics and government long ago. They came to the same conclusion we do today: it’s politicians that muck everything up. Get rid of them, or replace them with statesmen, then things won’t be so bad. They thought that leaving the power in the hands of the people was the best solution since the people will inevitably get fed up with their politicians and remove them from office.

Of course, they realized a problem with their system. What happens if a politician changes the law to stay in power? Or what if he uses his office to buy enough votes to get re-elected every year? Both of those things are happening and have been happening in our country for some time now. Campaign finance laws exist to keep people from throwing their money against incumbents. And the bailout and other policies are designed to make certain people rich, certain people who can be counted on to vote a certain way and have countless others vote the same way.

The solution that the Founding Fathers had was actually quite simply: Limits. Put a limit on what politicians can do once elected, and there won’t be many people seeking office for gain.

Of course, we live in a day when no limits exist on the federal government. Why, just yesterday, they passed a bill regulating what we are allowed to do with every economic aspect of our lives, and charging us for it. I can not find any section of the constitution granting such broad powers to the federal government. Yet, I fear, this bill will carry as much weight as a declaration of war or a federal budget for wartime activities.

I propose one simple change to the system: restoring the limits.

Today, when the federal government acts beyonds its powers, there is no recourse for the people. We are counted on to elect representatives and senators who will restore the government to its limits.

It would be nice to imagine some government body or vote of the people or grand jury that determines whether the action of the congress or the courts is within the limtis of the constitution. However, the problem is that all of these are just as corruptible as any other system. That is, get the right people on the constitutional review board, or on the constitutional review jury, and suddenly the government can do whatever it wants.

Of all governments, the least corruptible is the vote of the people. This requires a massive fraud or a massive system of bribery, or both at the same time. Corrupting a handful of senators is a relatively easy task to corrupting half of the voting population. This is why the Founding Fathers put their ultimate trust in the people to hold the government within the bounds of the constitution.

There are two things you can do to help reduce the corruption of the people. The first is simple: vote. Two more voters means one more that needs to be deceived or bribed to succeed in corruption. If 4 million Washington State citizens voted, then 2 million would need to be deceived and bribed to fix the election. If only 2 million voted, then only 1 million would need to be corrupted and deceived. This is simple arithmetic.

The second is the hardest part, because it relies on your personal intellect and ability to see things for what they are. You must first educate yourself on what the Constitution actually says. Do not allow someone else to interpret it for you! Then, with your understanding of the Constitution, you must hold the candidates accountable for their actions. In the case where none of the candidates support the Constitution according to your personal interpretation, it is your duty to find a candidate you can support, or run yourself for office. You must be wise, though, careful not to throw the election to the most corrupted elements just to spit the less corrupted elements.

This is the only formula which will protect your personal and individual liberties. There is no other way that will work.


2 Responses to “Solution to the Problem of Politics”

  1. rebelliousvanilla Says:

    The biggest check and balance are state powers because when a state would pass a bill that hinders the economy, business will move out of it. And it’s harder to corrupt all the state representatives than the focused power of the federal government. Also, the right of the federal government to tax for things different than defense does this.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      That’s a good point. Allowing the natural consequences to arrive as quickly as possible by having a federal government that insures capital and labor can freely flow between the states means the states are forever in competition with one another to produce the best government at the lowest price.

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