Why are Obama and the Democrats so Busy?


Watching the Cap ‘n Trade bill go through the House, I have to wonder, what is so urgent that they have to pass the bill before it is even put together?

The answer is obvious. Their time is up. The American people are ready to throw the bums out, every last one of them. If President Bush and the Republicans were bad, then President Obama and the democrats have redefined the scale for all eternity. All of American history will be compared to the utter disaster that is today’s federal government.

As for myself, I am sharpening my pitchfork. President Obama had the power from day one to push the protestors in Iran to victory and establish a state whose primary objective isn’t nuclear holocaust. Instead, he handed all the time in the world to the Iranian regime to ruthlessly slaughter their own people.

North Korea presented a beautiful opportunity to resolve a half-century stand off in the direction it inevitably will go with minimum casualties if he simply acted upon North Korea’s insane aggression. The North Korean regime is, compared to the rest of the world, at its weakest point in history. When its nuclear weapons are operational, it will be stronger than it ever has been.

On the economy, Barack Obama and the democrats pursued the tried-and-failed bailout strategy. Despite all the overwhelming evidence that it would fail, they decided to bankrupt our country in pursuit of simple political advantage.

On energy policy, rather than expand America’s option for energy, including heating fuel, the democrats passed the dumbest regulation ever—limits to the amount of energy we can produce and a massive tax on top of that. Right now the debate is how much damage it will do to the economy. The numbers I am seeing are somewhere between “complete disaster” to “utter ruin”.

On medical policy, Barack Obama and the democrats want to bring the wonders of the VA and medicare programs to every hard-workin American in the country. After all, they reason, how much worse can it be? The answer is a whole lot worse. Despite our medical system’s failings, which are directly attributed to government interference in the marketplace, we are the #1 system in the world, attracting the top talent and behaving as the place of last resort for the rest of the world. After their medical reform, I imagine our medical system will be comparable to Zimbabwe’s or Cuba’s wonder-systems. In other words, we will be eating our own feces and swallowing flies conceived therein in our hospital.

On corruption, the behavior of the democrats and the Obama administration is unprecedented. I read endless articles about countless acts of corruption. Even Senator Dodd, one of the most open and blatantly corrupt senators in the senate, is being censured by his own party in his home state. Rep. Jefferson’s cash in his freezer is the smallest of the examples of the corrupted. The corruption is so massive that ever policy coming out of the White House and every bill coming off the floors of the House and Senate are dripping with it. It’s almost like corruption is the way of life down there. The Republican congress and the Bush Administration look like saints in comparison.

To a rational, sane person, all of this seems incredible. After all, how is it possible that such a nice guy can be such a big disaster? I boldly declare, I do not exaggerate. Imagine what our country would look like if our worst enemies were put in charge. Then multiply the disaster ten times. That’s roughly what we have today.

In a very short time, the people of America will wake up and realize what has happened. Already, they are awakening and demanding their country back. Hopefully, this revolution will be bloodless and quick, and hopefully, it will forever change the government to eradicate socialism and tyranny wherever it is found.


3 Responses to “Why are Obama and the Democrats so Busy?”

  1. rebelliousvanilla Says:

    Because in 2010 and 2012 the Republicans are going to win by a lot, probably.

  2. mike Says:

    “The Republican congress and the Bush Administration look like saints in comparison.”

    open your eyes you partisan clown, the bush administration was one of the most corrupt administrations ever. to act like they weren’t is to deny history (a common occurence for conservative ideologues)

    “we will be eating our own feces and swallowing flies conceived therein in our hospital.”

    wow. if you really believe this, please jump ship now.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      At least the Bush administration was open to people who weren’t lobbyists and paid campaigners. See, Bush evaluated people based on their merit and lack of scandals, not on their political street cred.

      Obama’s administration is full of one crook after the other, all of them political hacks and lobbyists.

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