A New American Revolution


It’s become apparent that President Obama is not only completely incompetent, but actually undermining our country. Every bill he has fought to pass, every move he has made in foreign politics, every statement he has made (that has been at least partially believable), and every promise he has broken has served to hurt the average American.

To what do we owe the rise of Barack Obama? Our own ignorance, greed, and corruption.

It’s time for a new American Revolution.

The first American Revolution didn’t start with the “shot heard ’round the world”. It started in the homes of the common man and woman in the US. It started with a heartfelt assessment of whether we were worthy in God’s eyes of governing ourselves, or whether we deserved the harsh master of a king and aristocracy to keep us from destroying ourselves.

That’s the kind of revolution we need in our homes.

Assess yourselves, individually. Are you productive, or are you an economic drain? Some of us have a real reason to be a net drain on society. We were born that way, we were injured, or we are growing old and incapable of producing more than we consume. You can’t simply count the dollars you have and see if your bank account is growing or shrinking. You have to assess where those dollars are coming from. Are they earned through hard, productive work? Or are they the production of someone else—or even yourself in the past? What are you doing today to contribute to society, and how valuable are you?

And your value is not only the economic value, although the economic values builds homes and feeds the hungry and clothes the naked. What about your spiritual value? Are you a source of happiness, or a source of despair? Do you lift or tear down?

If you cannot manager your own life, you cannot manage anyone else. Get yourself together, take responsibility for what you do and what you are, and make any changes you need. Set at the center of your life the worship of the God that demands love of God and love of your neighbors, that same God in the Bible. Worship perfection and not any earthly thing. Severe any addictions that are tearing you down, and replace them with productive, happy behavior that builds up.

Once you have assessed yourself, assess your family. Is your family set in order? Are the members of your family interacting in healthy ways, or are they destroying each other? What can you do to change that pattern if it needs changing, or reinforce the pattern if it needs reinforcement? If you cannot manage your own family, you cannot manage anything else. It is in the family that we learn the foundation of human relationships. If you cannot relate to your spouse, children, siblings, or parents, how can you expect to relate to strangers except by cloaking yourself with lies?

Once your family is set in order, set in order your church. The purpose of church is not to entertain, but to build spiritually productive lives. That means reaching out in service to those around you. That means putting your trust into the words of God and not the wisdom of man. That means hearing and preaching hard words from time to time, in addition to the soft words. How do you encourage people to abandon their sins and weaknesses except through the pure love of Christ?

If yourself, your family, and your church are in order, then and only then can you turn your attention to the community. A person who has built their life of productivity and love and service is invaluable to the community, and a pillar upon which a sane government can be built. Anything else is a false foundation, a foundation on which we build to our peril.

The new American Revolution won’t be fought in the street against foreign invaders, and it won’t involve burning down the White House or slaughtering public officials. The tools to the new American Revolution are already in our hands. It is up to us to teach ourselves to use them correctly, and that can only happen once we have set ourselves in order.


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