On Sarah Palin


My final verdict on the Sarah Palin resignation: It is right.

Governor Palin is two things: One, the governor of Alaska. Two, Sarah Palin.

The people of Alaska deserve an need a governor who can govern appropriately. Sarah Palin was that governor. Today, she is not. Not because of anything she has done, but because of the vicious and evil attacks against her, against all that is just and good and moral in this country. She has become the de-facto lightning rod of evil and tyranny in this country.

So Sarah Palin made a wise decision.  Rather than allow the people of Alaska to suffer for her decision to stand up for what is right and thus become the lightning rod, she is going to allow someone else who is competent and capable to be governor. That is a humble sign of maturity, to step aside when you are no longer the ideal person for the job.

Now that Sarah Palin is freed from the governorship, she is free to fight the only battle worth fighting: exposing evil for what it is and standing up as an example of righteousness. That is what she intends to do. That is the fight of the true statesman, and that is what she has become.

Like the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, we need only a handful of Sarah Palins in this world to turn America back on track. One righteous person does much more good than a million evil people can do evil.

Let us all follow the example of Sarah Palin. Let’s make a decision to first stand for righteousness and then to keep standing, no matter what the cost. Should we decide to do so, our future is guaranteed to be glorious and peaceful.

I pray to God that He will support her as she carries the cross into battle against the hordes of evil who are attacking her.


2 Responses to “On Sarah Palin”

  1. mike Says:


    you realize sarah palin is a corrupt, power hungry moron, right? she talks the talk, but when it comes time to put her money where her mouth is, she quits. it’s her modus operandi. she’s a quitter and a whiner. oh, the evil liberal media! well, even conservatives are saying she’s incompetent now – are they evil as well?

    humility, maturity and competence are three traits sarah palin doesn’t possess. she is, above all else, an incompetent liar. good riddens, maybe now she’ll focus on her family and not ruin the lives of millions she would have ruined had america been dumb enough to put her a heartbeat from the presidency.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Hooray! Here’s proof, folks, of what the left has become. Rather than debate the political issues of the day, let’s destroy the enemy.

      The more you attack Sarah Palin, the fewer people are going to pay attention to you. Sarah Palin is and always was, and has chosen to forever be, a good and decent American who loves God and country over self. Go ahead and attack her, and desecrate Washington’s grave and Lincoln’s memorial at the same time. That’s the way to political power in our country, right?

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