Only You Can Prevent Tyranny


Smokey the Bear says, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” Smokey’s right. Everyone who steps anywhere near a forest needs to be careful with fire. That’s the only way you keep the forests from burning down every few days.

Our government is similar. “Only you can prevent tyranny.” There is simply no other way to ensure that we don’t have tyranny at home than every man, woman, and child doing what they can to not be part of the problem.

And what is the problem? Simply this. Whenever you expect the government to rob someone else and give the money to you or someone you care about, you are causing tyranny. Case in point: All the welfare programs in the federal, state, and local governments. Every time you ask government to step in, take money from one person, and give it to another, you are causing tyranny.

So stop that.

Instead, government should only collect taxes and spend them on things that actually benefit the whole. Heck, things like roads and police forces are borderline tyranny, since it can be argued that these are things that don’t really provide a benefit to everyone.

Things like courts and justice systems, militaries and regulations to regulate (not limit) trade in the free marketplace, however, are things that benefit everyone. Only for these things can the moral argument of collecting taxes to fund them be justified. Even then, taxes should be kept to the bare minimum.

Only you can prevent tyranny by asking your government to do less.


4 Responses to “Only You Can Prevent Tyranny”

  1. mike Says:

    “Heck, things like roads and police forces are borderline tyranny, since it can be argued that these are things that don’t really provide a benefit to everyone.”

    ooh, good one. let’s make transportation of goods impossible, that is definitely a good way to jump start the economy! and then, with everyone carrying guns, there will be no need for police forces, because, well, without roads, they won’t be able to solve and crimes or stop any criminals anyway!

    holy cow, please read a book and learn what the actual definition of tyranny is instead of listening to morons like rush and hannity.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      You don’t need government to build roads. Just because government doesn’t do it, doesn’t mean it won’t get done. Or does government feed and clothe you, then wipe your bum for you after you use the toilet?

      The reason why the East Coast is full of toll roads and bridges is because that’s the system that the Founding Fathers decided was most fair and equitable to the people.

  2. Sunflower Ranch Says:

    Excellent advice today!! I say we go back to that stuffy old document known as the Constitution — and — this is a shock to some I know — READ it and UPHOLD it and DO ONLY WHAT IS IN IT!!! Question is — how do we get the Marxists to even acknowledge that it exists? Yeah, sure, they took an oath to uphold it but hey, they are liars and it was only expedient for them to do so — you don’t think they really believe all that carp do you?? Heck, no, not a word of it. They are the embodiment of tyranny and I for one stand up and say NO to them.

    Keep up the good work, Federal Way. [as in Washington state?]

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