Morality and Politics: A Match Made in Heaven


The left, and the corrupt right, want morality as far away from politics as possible. Why? Because when you mix morality and politics together, you get something wonderful: freedom. And the left and the corrupt right want nothing like that for the masses.

Sarah Palin is a woman with a mission from God, like our Founding Fathers. I praise God that she has chosen her path, and that path is to destroy the corruption and outright immorality at the highest levels of office in our land.

Let me explain to you what is immoral about Washington D.C., Olympia, and all other hotbeds of political activity. It is simply this: Government is an evil, and evil the same way killing and robbing and living off the labor of others is evil.

The Founding Fathers recognized this, openly, and talked, boldy, how to subject government and keep it within limits so that it can do the only moral thing government could ever do: simply protect the rights of the people and that’s it.

The Declaration of Independence is a revolutionary document, today as back then, that outlines, in a clear way, the role of government and man’s right to rebel and destroy said government. It is quite clear: Man has rights, God-given and unalienable, and government exists simply to protect those rights. Man has the right to abolish government, should he so choose, and when men rise up to do so, there is no tyrant in the world that can stop them.

The Constitution of the United States is a document that creates a new kind of government, the slave government, a government created with a specific purpose and within certain constraints it can never justify violating. The moment that any politician from any party, no matter how popular or no matter how expedient the need, violates the smallest condition of that contract, is the moment that the government becomes immoral and ceases to be legitimate and must be abolished.

When politicians openly flaunt their flagrant violations of that sacred document, and do so as if there is no other way, they flaunt immorality. Like the drunk who is boozing it up on main street, or the John who is shouting and waving his money in the open, this is an immoral act of the worst kind, because it violates the sacred contract of trust between man and his government.

I intend to continue to point out the immorality of our government today. No longer does it even pretend to represent what it was created to represent. No longer does it even consider the largest of rights of the individual as something worth considering. And the sacred document that created the government is ridiculed and construed as something it plainly is not.

Our government is evil:

  • Evil for spending future generation’s money on pet projects and vote-buying schemes.
  • Evil for disregarding the sacred rights God conferred to Man.
  • Evil for supposing they are justified in rationalizing away any word of the constitution.
  • Evil for pretending that they know better than the people.
  • Evil for writing one set of rules for them and their friends, and one set of rules for everyone else.
  • Evil for living off of the blood and sweat of anyone else in our land.
  • Evil for refusing to stand up in the international community for the individual rights of man and American independence and sovereignty.

These things must end, the same way lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, and adultery must end, if we intend to have any peace in our country. It must end simply because it is wrong, was always wrong, and will forever be wrong.

We must not sustain Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. She has little regard for the law and even less regard for the individuals who aren’t Hispanic. We need a strict constructionalist, someone who looks at original intent and regards with the highest respect the sacred rights of the individual.

We must not allow the budget to continue, even for another year, unbalanced. We must cut spending dramatically, eliminating the evils of Medicare and Social Security, because they are fed by the labor of the people as slaves feed their masters.

We must demand that the federal government is limited to the specific items listed in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, at the bare minimum level, only on what is absolutely needed. That means Cap and Trade, medical reform, etc, must disappear.

We, the people, must demand that our representatives read and follow the constitution exactly as it was written. Anything more or less is evil.


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