Sotomayor: Perjury


Sotomayor is lying. She is lying to the senate and the American people. She doesn’t believe most of what she is saying, except to believe that perhaps we might buy the lie and accept her as one of the 9 justices we turn to to settle grievances with the federal government or between parties in different states.

Why do I say she is lying? Because she is. She sounds like a Scalia, Alito, or Thomas, not the type of judge she truly is. She is contradicting her stated beliefs, her past speeches. She hasn’t said she has changed, she is talking as if those things never happened.

My question to Sonia Sotomayor is this: If the senate sustains your nomination, and it turns out you lied about any part of your testimony, should you be impeached? What if another judicial nominee told such tall tales and was discovered after sustaining. Should that other judge be impeached?

I doubt her two answers would be the same, since she has trouble understanding what justice truly is, and what the statement of fact “God is no respecter of persons” truly means.

Perhaps we can get her more simply. Ask her, plainly, “Where do the people’s rights come from?”

If she says “God”, then continue. If something else, then expose how rights given by anything but God can never be rights since rights cannot be revoked.

Then ask her, “Where does government come from, and what are they for?” If she says, “from the rights of the people, to protect the rights of the people”, then continue. If she says anything else, then ask her what the meaning of the preamble to the constitution is, and under what conditions the constitutionally established federal government can be dissolved. Then ask her, if she cannot see any way that the federal government could ever be dissolved, whether God gave her or anyone else the right to trample on other people’s rights, and what recourse they have when they do, and how such a system will ever lead to anything but revolution. Has God established her as an elect leader, a crowned princess or queen, to lord over His subjects on behalf of Him?

Finally, ask her, “What does a supreme court justice do?” If she does anything but quote the constitution or plainly interpret it according to the common understanding of the words at the time they were written, then ask her the final question: “By what authority do you suppose you are allowed to do anything you pretend to want to do as a supreme court justice? Because, ma’am, you have just told us that you have no authority to do those things.”

And if she agrees with all the above according to the common understanding of our Founding Fathers, then it is time to expose all of her writings and rulings which contradict what she said, closing with the question, “Why should a liar serve in any position of any government?”


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