Morally Bankrupt


The medical bill being discussed in the house right now is proof that our government is morally bankrupt and has exceeded, plainly, the limitations within the constitution.

The social contract between our federal government and the people is broken. The federal government described by the constitution simply no longer exists. It has become a tyrannical institution which enforces its will by throwing money around—money stolen from the people or printed without a care in the world.

I don’t think democrats understand the significance of this, and neither do many republicans. Today, the Declaration of Indepence of 1776 can be written, simply substituting the King of England with the federal government, and listing the grievances it has inflected on the people of this great nation.

There are several ways in which we can correct this, without bloodshed. One is through voting out the corrupt and voting in a new class of the corrupt. However, since the restrictions on their behavior outlined in the constitution no longer apply, this is unlikely to get the results we need.

An alternative is to amend the constitution itself. There is a way to amend it that is actually quite easy. The people themselves organize a delegation to amend the constitution and then ratify the amendment put forward. This is the same method used to write the original constitution, a method that cannot be written into any constitution since it is a right the people have and the people can never relinquish to anyone or anything.

What would such an amendment read like? It would put the power to constrain the federal government to its dictated boundaries into the hands of the states and the people, acting individually, in a way whereby any violation of the limits will lead to the dissolution of the government.


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