Bumps on the Road to Smaller Government


As we plot a course from where we are as a country to where we need to be with smaller government everywhere, we discover that our success is the failure of many institutions and mindsets in our country. Let’s list the enemies of freedom and how they are fighting to keep government big.

First on the list are corrupt politicians. I define corruption as simply this: Abusing your power for personal gain, even if that personal gain is your political success. When a politician uses his power to steer money to his supporters, he is corrupt. Every politician who sends bacon home to his district or state is corrupt. They simply must go.

Next are those who expect their politicians to be corrupt. Anyone who sends a penny to a politician expecting money in return from the government is as much a part of the problem as the corrupt politicians.

Unfortunately, the first two categories contain a significant chunk of the American public. I believe, however, that it is still a minority of the country.

The next group that lies between us and our goals of smaller government are those who vote expecting something for nothing. These are they who expect someone else to pay their bills, whether they be heat, electricity, rent, or medical bills. These are also those who claim to be charitable but are doing so with other people’s money. The bottom line is that government can solve no problem in our society. Only individuals acting in the interests of society can do so, and then only when they act freely according to their own conscience. In other words, food banks, hospitals, and so on, cannot succeed if they are run by the government. They can only succeed when they are accountable solely to the conscience of the people who support them.

This category contains a very large minority of the public, and perhaps even a majority. However, the way to defeat this group is with education. It is easy to see how government charity is no charity at all but tyranny. It is easy to prove with the words of Jesus himself that forced charity is no charity. In fact, it is easy to show that by forcing people to be charitable, we are denying them salvation.

The next speed bump are those who use government to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. These are they who seek regulations favorable for their particular company or bail outs or subsidies or tax breaks. These are not they who are seeking fairer and more modern rules to govern their industries and standardize trade for the sake of efficiency and lower costs. It’s hard to see the difference, and it takes careful attention to changes to your industry to see what is happening.

The final speed bump are the corrupt unions that seek government to empower themselves at the cost of their union membership and their companies and industry. Let me give you an example: The National Education Association is supposed to be a union representing the teachers. However, it is an organization representing socialism and government-run education. They have destroyed their industry, the moral of their teachers, and the quality of education everywhere. This is not because they are a union, but a corrupt one. They have sought and obtained special protections and support from the government so that they can continue to abuse their power and hurt their union members.

The most significant example of these corrupt union’s behavior is the issue of card check. These unions would like to be able to watch potential members vote to form a union, which is clearly immoral and unjust. They are seeking the power of government to do so.

There are thousands of unions out there whose sole purpose is to protect their members through representation. We don’t read about these unions in the newspapers, and they rarely, if ever, go on strike. This is because they work with the managers of the companies that support them rather than seek to destroy them. They also don’t spend much time lobbying government for special protections. Rather, they spend their time examining upcoming regulations and ensuring that it will make life better for their members and not worse.

These unions are opposed to card check legislation and understand that the unions exist solely at the mercy of their members and the success of the companies they work for.


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