Minutemen to the Ready


It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Democratic Party, at least the current leadership, has no understanding, at all, of what a free society looks like, nor what civil discourse is. This may have devastating consequences. As they turn up the rhetoric against the free people of the United States, their followers will likely turn up the violence. The only way to prevent an all-out breakdown of the civil society, it is critical, now more than ever, to be ready.

Recently, retirees and veterans have been voicing their outrage at the behavior of the Democratic Party. Starting with the fact that Barack Obama has yet to release his birth certificate, going to the fact that Barack Obama has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in a massive pay-out scheme, and then moving over into his insane plan to destroy the economy in the name of the environment, and ending with his most recent attacks against our health system, the people have been moved do something about it.

Since the democrats do not respond to phone calls, emails, or letters, or respond in such a belittling way, they are showing up at town hall meetings across the company to speak directly to their representatives, in the exact way that the Founding Fathers had envisioned our political system working. Representatives who do not represent their district soon find their district “rebelling” against their representative. In two years time, they will find themselves on the street.

Rather than acknowledge the outrage and at least do some token thing to quell the masses of retirees and veterans, they call them a “mob”. They call them tools of the insurance industry. They call them everything but what they truly are—American Citizens who are practicing their right to exercise control over their government that they created. (link)

Michelle Malkin, highly ridiculed because she dared to catalogue the vast corruption of the Barack Obama administration (link), pointed out what mobs really look like. (link) Her point: Leftists resort to violence and threats of violence, while those on the right and center of our country rely on words and votes.

We are faced with an increasingly divided company. On the one side, a group of radicals who will use any tactic, including violence, to win the argument. These radicalls currently occupy the positions of power in our government. On the other side, a group of American radicals, radicals because they dare to believe that governments exist to protect the rights of the people, not trample them.

Let’s remember where the powers of government come from. Let’s remember why the individual right to bear arms is so important in this country. Let’s remember what kind of militias were formed in the 1770’s to defend this great land from foreign oppressors.

Let’s remember and keep our ammo stocked, our guns clean, and the militia ever ready should the radicals in power decide that violence is the answer to their problems. We will not fire the first shot, but we will fire the last.

But before then, add your voice to the voices of these retirees and veterans. Take time out of your schedule, at a cost to your personal economy, to see to it that your community knows how far the Obama Administration and the democrats in congress plan to go. Make a promise now, and forever, to fight corruption in politics, corruption that sees the American taxpayer as a cash cow to fund vote-buying schemes.


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