Union Thugs Show Up, People Get Hurt


Barack Obama has called out the union thugs, and people are starting to get hurt at these rallies. (link, link, link)

While I don’t want to see violence, let’s keep in mind with whom we are dealing with. Show up in large numbers, make sure you are ready to defend yourself, hopefully without weapons, and never, ever back down. If they are going to rough you up, let them rough you up so that the American people can see what Barack Obama’s side of the story is doing to the American people’s side.

The Health Bill is a bill that relies on violence and force on behalf of the government to work. The government crushes the people under its thumb, and the people get whatever scraps the government chooses to dispense with. That’s the way all of socialism and socialist policies work. They use the awesome and terrible power of government to get things done because no sane person would do it because it is not good for anyone.


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