Feels Like 1776


Turn back the clock over 230 years ago, and it feels like Massachussetts.

Back then, the people were enraged over a government that cared nothing for its people. The government sent rulers and judges to punish the people for living their lives and torment them with taxes.

The people didn’t like that very much, so they took to the streets. People who normally wanted nothing more than to stay at home with their children and work in their jobs were now roaming the streets with rifles, torches and pitchforks, threatening the government officials sent to oppress them.

One escalation led to another, and eventually the government sent in the troops to quell the unrest.

History shows who was right in all of this. (It wasn’t the government, if you are even inclined to think that.) Over time, the losses and indignities suffered by the Boston patriots inspired the entire nation to revolt against a corrupt government who had lost its way, turning from the protector of the people to the exploiter of the free.

President Obama is presiding over just such a government today. I have a hard time identifying the differences between the federal government and the British one from so long ago. Both have violated the sacred compact that led to their creation. Both use their power to create more power. Both saw the people as lowly serfs to be abused and exploited at will. Both hid behind false hope and promises. Both manipulate their legitimacy with lies and defensiveness.

The people are revolting. It is starting among the elderly—the veterans and retirees. It is spreading among the middle-aged and the young.

We look at our founding documents and wonder what country we are living in today. We look at the Cold War and wonder which side really won. We see World War II and wonder why our government is adopting the tactics of the enemies we defeated. We look at countries with far more freedoms than us and wonder why we can’t enjoy the even more freedoms at home.

We see our governments for what they have become—aggressors and oppressors.

So we petition. And we are called a “mob”, “racists”, “teabaggers” and “nazis” by our government. And that’s just what’s fit for public consumption. We show up, and the government thugs show up and beat us down. And then they ask for more of the same.

Personally, I think it is an honor to take a fist to the face from a government thug. That means you are doing what our ancestors did. To be beaten down and refuse to surrender your country—that is patriotism. To stand up to tyrants and call them what they are—that is heroic. But what is truly American is to win. And win we shall.

I cannot promise that things will get easier. They will not. You are going to be asked to take more time from your personal and family life, your church and your business, to stand up to our government. You are going to be called all sorts of names. You are going to be abused. Our model is Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin, not Bill Clinton and  Barack Obama.

Eventually, we may be asked to pledge everything we have and can ever hope to have for the cause of freedom. May we be willing to do as our forefathers did.


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