Getting Love from the Left


I’m getting love from the left. This is the sickness that is atheism and immorality. Observe.

In response to an earlier post:

This is a reply to all of the threads that Johnathan(sic) Gardner posted….you are a giant tool.

Only a screwed over extremist Christian like yourself could write and actually vocalize what you have.

god SUCKS…he deserves to be shot in the face repeatedly. The god you think exists is an insensitive prick who has moronic people like you following him.

Get the hell over yourself. To compare homosexuals to thieves and rapists is just dumb. Do you really see them the same way…although that mentality¬† wouldn’t surprise me from an extremist christian.
All you extremist don’t realize that by preaching the word of god in this kind of light you are just making people hate god more and more.

Get on with your lives and stop wasting your time praying to an invisible deity…they don’t ****ing exist.

Way more proof on evolutionism then creationism…god is nothing but a little fairy tale to scare idiots like you into leading screwed up lives.

Grow a brain and learn to think for yourself instead of going by what some old crappy book says.

I replied:

I am sorry that hate has captured your soul. Perhaps one day your heart will be softened and you will no longer be so consumed with hate that you would want to destroy the very people that wish you well and want to free you from the burdens of a guilty conscience and hopelessness.

As for me, my conscience is clean. I give everything I have to serve the people around me, starting with my wife and children, then to my parents and brothers and aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Then I serve those in my church and community, and at my work, all for the hope of a better world were there is no sickness, pain, death, and hell.

He replied:

People who wish me well wouldn’t sit there and say the things you say if you think that is wishing someone well maybe you need to go back to church. Take your ****ing god and your church and your god/church loving family and go drive yourself off a cliff so that the world will be rid of just a few more idiotic and moronic people who choose to believe in something intangible and unreal.

Also I have said my peace…you will be blocked and removed from my email so don’t try to respond anymore I won’t see it.

Have a good day and please go kill yourself.

I’ll be praying for him. I ask you all to do the same. (link)


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