They Don’t Want to Fix It


There are very practical, very positive solutions to the medical problems we face as a nation today. Let me list some of them.

(1) Keep malpractice lawsuits capped so that lawyers can’t get rich quick from exploiting the misfortune of others. Several million dollars to pay for a life ruined is more than enough, especially because several million dollars means a life free from financial worries. This has to happen at the state level, except for cases that cross state lines which have to be addressed by congress.

(2) Only allow malpractice suits in front of trained, practicing physicians or scholars. This way, the case can focus on the facts at hand and the jury cannot be manipulated to believe something as silly as the doctor delivering the baby causing diseases that have nothing to do with delivery. “Jury of peers” should mean just that. This reform has to happen at the state level.

(3) Allow people to buy health insurance across state lines, governed by the laws and tax code of the other state. This way, states will be encouraged to write a fair system, fair to the patients, doctors, and insurance companies, and consumers will be allowed to shop in a bigger market. This reform has to happen in congress.

(4) Stop giving tax incentives to employers to bundle health insurance with employment. Individuals, not companies, should negotiate for health coverage. There are two ways to eliminate the tax incentive: Give individuals the same tax benefit that companies have, or eliminate it all together. I don’t mind either way, as long as the total tax burden decreases or remains the same.

(5) Give tax credits to those who donate to help the poor who need medical help. This encourages free people to take care of the poor in our society. Similar tax credits for education and other services have lead to the creation of scholarships and schools designed specifically for the poor. This reform can happen at the state and federal level.

(6) Eliminate the federal rule that demands hospitals must take care of every patient that walks through their doors. This law turns hospitals into plantations where doctors, nurses, donors, and administrators are slaves serving the poor. Rather, hospitals and other medical facilities should be allowed to build up a private, charitable network to take care of the medical needs of the poor in the community.

(7) Eliminate government programs to give “free” or reduced price medical insurance to the poor. By having the government compete with private charity, it eliminates donors (since their money is consumed by taxes) and allows people to ignore the needs of the poor since government will take care of it for them. By keeping government out, individuals will feel an individual responsibility to help the poor and have the material resources to do so. As the argument against socialism goes, if you care so much about the poor, what are you doing about it? And if you say, “paying taxes”, then when we eliminate these programs, you can keep donating that money to your favorite charity.

(8) Eliminate state boards of medicine and stop regulating the medical industry. Allow doctors, nurses, and others to experiment, within the bounds of the law, with medicine, profit off of their successes, and provide the care that patients want to receive. The more red tape we throw up between the patients, their doctors, and the insurance companies, the more expensive and more difficult it gets to provide that care.

Now, given these ideas, all of which have proven successful where tried, in the medical and other industries, why aren’t democrats proposing anything resembling them as part of medical reform?

It’s because they don’t want to fix it.

They simply want to take it over, to add to their list of programs that they have enslaved the people with. What’s even more terrible about this program is that they are enslaving you with your own money. In other words, they take your money with taxes, and then give it back to you as medical care, all the while ensuring that you behave exactly as they wish you to behave, or they will cut the money off.

And if their goal isn’t to take it over, then perhaps they are simply trying to help the spread of socialism by destroying the greatest enemy of socialism in the world: the hard-working and productive American people.


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