Socialism, in its Purest Form, is Evil


Socialism, in its purest form, is evil. It is bred by evil. It grows up to evil. Partial socialism is evil. More socialism is more evil.

This is the type of Satan-worshipping, misanthropic, beat-people-to-a-bloody-pulp evil. This is the kind of evil that even those who refuse to admit to morality will admit is evil.

I can prove it to you, and it’s actually quite simple.

At the heart of socialism is the idea of taking from someone what they earned through their own hard work and fortune, and giving it to someone else who does not work nor enjoys good fortune.

This is evil for three reasons.

One, it punished success. If success is good, then this is evil. If it is good to get a nice job, to earn a lot of money doing things people want done, to distribute food to the poor and medical care to the sick, then this is evil.

Two, it rewards failure. If failure is bad, then this is evil. It is bad to lose your job, bad to be poor, bad to live without clean water and good food, and bad to not have medical care.

This is different than remedying evil. Without socialism, people will build hospitals and clinics for the poor where they can receive treatment at low or no cost. However, these people that receive the treatment are not winning life’s jackpot. They understand, clearly, that what they are receiving was produced by someone else and is given freely, without constraint, out of the compassion of their hearts. They also understand that they must do all they can to free themselves from their own poverty, because no one wants to live life as a leech.

With socialism, the poor, sick, and needy now demand and receive, at no cost to them, the fruits of others labor, handed over not out of compassion but fear.

Finally, it is slavery. Socialism puts people in control of other people, enforced by the point of a gun. If you believe slavery is evil, that it is sick and wrong to believe that one person should own another, that one person should be able to tell another what they can and can’t do with their free time (outside of “don’t do bad things to other people”), then this is evil. That’s because socialism turns the government into slavemasters and the people into slaves.

If you believe good is evil, then you will have no problem punishing success.

If you believe evil is good, then you will have no problem rewarding failure.

If you believe that slavery is good, then you will have no problem being the slavemaster or the slave.

If you believe that good is good, and evil is evil, and slavery is evil, then you will whole-heartedly refuse socialism.


2 Responses to “Socialism, in its Purest Form, is Evil”

  1. pphuq Says:

    bad socialism explained badly in a way that it would only stimulate the mind of a six yr old. socialism in its purest form is a beautiful thing. where greed is not. why should bill gates and donald trump and other creatures of the crypt like them have billions yet more than 50% of the world goes hungry through no fault of their own..
    how would you feel if you was born in a part of the world with no prospects, no industry, no sucesfull agriculture & no way of improving your lot is that “good” or is that “christian”. if thats the case no wonder more and more people either turn to a religion who really practice charity like islam. or turn away altogether from a man made figurehead like your christian god..
    in the beginning man made god, and he was a good god :)

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I’m leaving your post as is; normally I edit it. In this case, you didn’t even try to write proper English, so let the readers see for themselves what I am dealing with.

      You have two questions: (1) Why should there be rich people when there are poor people? (2) How would you feel if you were poor?

      Your comments on religion are ignorant, so I will ignore them.

      (1) Why should there be rich when there are poor people?

      You are assuming that there is some sort of evil by having one person have something another doesn’t. Or perhaps it’s the magnitude. It’s okay if I have $10 and you only have $1, but not if I have $10,000,000 and you only have $10. But let me state that this is the very nature of reality. It is very, very rare that we have two things that are completely equal. The nature of things is that things are almost always unequal.

      Let’s move away from money and talk about family. Is it fair that I have six brothers and a sister, and you only have what you have? Should I be forced to give up some of my brothers so that you can have more? That’s absurd.

      So it is with money. It’s not unfair that one person has more. What’s unfair is when we treat people with a different set of rules.

      (2) The truth is, we are all poor. We all lack something or other we desperately need. To the villages in Africa, that would be a stable, nutritious food supply, clean water, and vaccines. To me, it’s a new computer capable of supporting my job, a comfortable chair that doesn’t hurt my back, and a home close to work so that I don’t have to commute 3 hours each day. You might weigh one person’s needs against another. Yes, food and water and vaccines are more important than comfortable chairs. But what you’re not seeing is how do we get these Africans food and water and vaccines?

      The bottom line is we can’t just give it to them. That may work for a time, but in the long run, all that does is create slaves. We must, instead, have them produce their own food, water, and vaccines, or something valuable they can use to trade for it. This is the recipe for freedom.

      How do we do that? That’s the study of economics. It’s the study of morality and ethics. (Clubbing the neighboring village and taken their food is bad, for instance.) It’s the study of government. It’s basically the same problem I have trying to find a good chair to sit in.

      Ultimately, what will save the Africans from starvation, drought and disease is not people giving away free stuff or forcing others to give away free stuff or forcing others to give themselves free stuff so they can give it to the people they want to help. What will save the Africans is changing their culture and behavior so that capitalism can take hold. When Africans look at their own situation, say “What do I have? What can I do to improve my situation by helping others?” and then evaluate all the options and choose the best possible one, they will quickly turn into a 1st world country.

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