God Smiteth


God has finally decided to remove the stain that was Sen. Edward Kennedy.

To understand why I say this, let’s consider two facts of his life.

One, Edward Kennedy was as corrupt as they come. He left his girlfriend, one of thousands, to die while he swam to safety. He wholly committed himself to alcohol and debauchery. The long list of females he has  abused will never be complete. His methods of abuse are beyond description. He used his power and authority to cover his crimes and sins. Senator Edward Kennedy is the definition of corruption, and the reason why we have a constitution: because people like him should never have power over anything.

Two, Edward Kennedy devoted his life to, as Rush says, taking money from hard-working Americans and giving it to Americans who don’t work. In other words, punishing the hard-workers and rewarding the lazy. All of his programs were failures of the worst sort. Would Edward Kennedy donate a single red penny to help the poor he pretends to champion? No, but he will volunteer all of yours for the same cause. Much like Barack Obama who says we need to be our brother’s keepers, and yet allows his own flesh and blood to suffer in squalor, Edward Kennedy is the worst sort of hypocrite.

Is there anything virtuous or worthy or heroic in Kennedy’s life? No, none. He was an enemy to virtue and an enemy to freedom. May he wear the traitor’s cloak for all eternity. At least Benedict Arnold didn’t abuse his power to cover his sin.


8 Responses to “God Smiteth”

  1. demo kid Says:

    So Falwell dies at 73, and is “called home”. Kennedy dies at 77, and has been “smited”?

    Wow. Apparently your “God” has bad aim, and is a horrible procrastinator. :) I prefer my God to your god of evil, thank you very much.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Jerry Falwell stood for morality and decency, individuality, independence and goodness. He wasn’t perfect, but at least he tried to be. And when he made a mistake, he admitted his fault.

      Ted Kennedy raped, murdered, plundered, and did all manner of evil against individuals and our country. Whatever power he had, he used to hide his sins and pervert the general morality.

      If you can’t distinguish the two, God help your soul.

      • demo kid Says:

        Really, Jonathan? Never mind MY soul… it’s your sanity that I have concerns about.

        But let me get this straight: what you’re saying is that someone who died at 77 of cancer, well after offending you for decades with his liberal ideals, was “smited” by God, but a fellow that died pretty much without warning at 73 was “called home”. If that’s the case, my argument stands! What kind of divine power interested in enforcing your exact brand of biblical justice would be silly or stupid enough to do it after someone has lived a long and full life? In what universe does that even seem like reasonable causation or divine logic? And if it was a good Old Testament “smiting”, why wasn’t Falwell “smited” according to your definition? He died younger and more suddenly, right?

      • Jonathan Gardner Says:

        It wasn’t Ted Kennedy’s liberal positions that offended me. If he were simply the champion of liberalism in the senate, he wouldn’t be any more than a political opponent. I could congratulate him on his death and proclaim him a good American statesmen, representative of what every statesmen should be, despite the fact that his ideas were wrong and dangerous.

        It was his acts of violence and sexual assault against women, his defamation of character of the innocent, and the lives he destroyed that bother me. Ted Kennedy was an evil, evil man who went about doing evil and destroying all that was good.

        Is it possible, that for once, you can separate the politics (the message) from the person? Is it possible you can, for once, say that no person, no matter how great or how small, no matter how liberal or how conservative, should get away with sexual assault and murder, with defamation of character and other abhorrent acts?

        I can assure you, such a hardened and sick individual isn’t going “home”. There is another place prepared for him, and it’s not the place that he started his journey. He took his mortality and spent it in exactly the wrong fashion, doing everything he was asked not to do.

  2. American Says:

    I cannot phrase it any better, that is, and I say this with respect, I must still take into account that I have never, with my eyes, see said individual commit any crimes as you have indicated….crimes I to have been aware of for some years through the media…..does not the mediea a two way sword…..I am not a moral person in a myriad of ways but I wish to believe that I can and will challenge those whom prey amongst the innocent….a priviledge I wish for before my existence expires….but then I might be able to finally know if a God exists…



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