It’s not Socialism


Rush is right, once again.

Obama isn’t espousing socialism, and he is not a socialist. See, socialism is when government owns the means of production. He isn’t trying to buy out the rest of the country or take over the property of the private sector.

There is another word to describe his policies and what he is doing. That is simply this:


Fascism is when the state controls the means of production, while others own it and pretend to be in control of what they own. A perfect example of this is when Obama’s pay czar oversees what the salaries of the top performers on Wall Street are, or when he decides that it’s time for the CEO of GM to be replaced.

In that regard, I would appreciate it if we no longer associated Obama with Stalin and Lenin. No, a much more apt comparison is Mussolini and the most famous fascist of all, Hitler.


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