Dear Leader to Address Dear Subjects in School


Weissbach is right: The #1 priority to fixing our country is to overthrow the tyrannical, state-run school system we have today.

It is nothing more than an indoctrination factory, where children are abused by being formed into something no free citizen it.

Dear Leader, an affectionate term for President Obama, is going to address his Dear Subjects in their schools on September 8. (link) I have already written my protest letter to the school my children attend. The president has no authority over the public schools, and even if he did, the schools have better things to do than host politician’s playing politics.


One Response to “Dear Leader to Address Dear Subjects in School”

  1. American Says:

    My wife was a teacher for many years, she holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, me a GED..ha, nonetheless, she read your post Jonathan and asked me to tell you that you are right on the money….she once taught at the elementry school in las vegas, nevada…there it was called the “Edison Program”, this program was and still is, as it is still being taught, so maxist/communistic approaches and movements, it does truly start to indoctrinate our younger children….she taught 2nd grade….please forgive my spelling as I have two problems, my laptop’s keyboard has a couple of keys that continual stick and I am lazy to go back and fix it…

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