Why Marriage Matters: For the Evolutionist


I’m going to argue against homosexual unions from a different direction today.

Suppose you believe in evolution. I certainly don’t, but let’s say we argue from that foundation.

What is the highest good in a universe where life evolves to higher forms through reproduction? Well, if you value life, and if you value life of higher forms more than lower forms, or even if you wish humans would evolve into something better, then the highest good is REPRODUCTION.

That is, making babies, the old-fashioned way, the way that got us where we are today. The more we, as a society, make babies, the more likely we are, as a society, to evolve to the next level. The more individuals make, the more likely they are to be the proud parent of the next iteration of Homo Sapiens.

Let me explain. The way evolution works, every time a child is conceived, the random mutations genetic combination of the parent’s genetic code may produce:

  1. Something unviable. A child born to certain, premature death or as a burden to society.
  2. Something viable and normal. Like the vast majority of children born in the US, the child will be healthy and strong, but otherwise mostly normal.
  3. Something viable and evolved. There is a small, small chance that your child will carry the genetic code that will be the foundation of the next evolution of Homo Sapiens.

If you look at the above like a game of sorts, and you want to play the game by the rules, and your goal is to produce the next evolution of Homo Sapiens, then how should you play?

The answer is: REPRODUCE. Not only for yourself, but do everything you can to get others to reproduce, even if they don’t really want to. Make it the top priority of society, as the highest goal that can be achieved. Make it so that the more babies you make, the better standing you have.

There are other things you have to do, like segmenting the population, or making the world a difficult place to live so only the best can survive, or preventing certain kinds of people from reproducing, and so on. The Nazis had a hey-day with this, along with several other philosophies of that day, such as Planned Parenthood. But adding these conditions and restrictions amount to nothing unless the human race is reproducing.

And there are some problems with reproduction, problems like a population boom and resource competition. But we needn’t let that discourage us. Focusing on these kinds of negatives is exactly what got certain species completely extinct before they could evolve to the next level, right?

Now, with that in mind, what kind of laws should we have on the books? Is it good to have a law that suggests that sexual activity outside of the kind that makes babies is somehow equivalent to sexual activity that makes babies?

Of course not.

Thus, it is in the interests of every individual in our great society to oppose homosexual relationships, especially long-term ones that look like marriage. It is in our own interests to see that children are raised in families where heterosexual relationships are the norm, and where reproduction is valued as the greatest good.

Thus, if you believe in evolution and believe that life is good and evolved life is better, then you will come to the same conclusion I have: homosexual marriage or anything like it is not good for us as individuals and thus us as a society.


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